10 Best Compost Bins (2022) | Experts Reviews

Composting has never been easier, thanks to some of the best compost bins available in the market. But from all the various options it can be quite overwhelming to choose one. In this article we will provide you our expert opinion on the top 10 compost bins in the market. 

Gardening is beneficial in so many ways, but perhaps the biggest benefit is the home-grown food. Nothing in this world is more satisfying than eating self-grown fruits and vegetables, knowing that everything you are putting in your body is 100 percent safe and organic. A prudent gardener knows that, to get the most out of gardening, the key is good nutritional soil. While there are amazing brands, each claiming to provide the best soil out there, but nothing beats a good compost soil. In fact, this soil is deemed so nutritious, that it is termed as black gold.

A compost bin is easily one of the best investments you’ll make if you’re already an avid gardener or just starting out. While there’s the option of backyard composting too, but we don’t recommend it. From the foul smell to uninvited pests and rodents, it’s full of problems. Not to mention the painstakingly long time it takes for the decomposing to happen. All this can convert, what initially is supposed to be fun amazing experience to a sour, bitter one. Compost Bins on the other hand ensure a smooth and easy experience.

Whether you’re a fan of continuous, batch or indoor composting we have you covered. If you’re not sure of that yet, this article will provide you with the necessary information as well. With our guidance, you will soon be on your path to making your very own black gold.

10 Best Compost Bins Comparison Table with Specifications

Image Product Details   Price
backpac EPICA Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1.3 Gallon-Includes Charcoal Filter Brand: EPICA
Capacity: 1.3 gallons
Item dimensions: 7.16-inch diameter and 11-inch height
Shape:  cylinder
Colour options: silver, white
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backpac NEW OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin Brand: OXO
Material used: plastic 
Bin shape: oval 
Bin capacity:1.75 gallons
Item dimensions (LXWXH): 7.75 x 7.3 x 7.6 inches
Item weight: 1.6 pounds
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backpac FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter Brand: FCMP Outdoor
Color: Black
Tumbler Shape: Octagonal
Maximum Capacity: 37 Gallons
Item Dimensions: 36 x 30 x 28 inches
Item Weight: 26.8 Pounds
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backpac Utopia Kitchen Compost Bin for Kitchen Countertop Brand:Utopia Kitchen
Material: Stainless Steel
Product Color: Silver
Maximum Capacity: 4.9 Liters/1.3 gallons
Item Dimensions: (LxWxH) 14 x 8 x 9 inches
Item Weight: 2.1 Pounds
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backpac Large Composting Tumbler – Dual Rotating Outdoor Garden Compost Bin Brand: EJWOX
Material: Acrylics
Shape: Octagonal
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backpac Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost bin Brand: Algreen
Product shape: Octagonal
Item dimensions (LXWXH): 28x 28 x 32 inches
Maximum capacity: 94 gallons
Item weight: 27.5pounds
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backpac Norpro, White , 1 Gallon Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size Brand: Norpro
Item dimensions (LXWXH): 12x9x9 inches
Capacity: 1 gallon
Item weight: 16 ounces
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backpac Redmon Since 1883 8000 Compost 65 Gallon bin, Full, Black Brand: Redmon Since 1883
Material: Plastic
Item Color: Black
Item shape: Trapezoid
Item dimensions (LXWXH): 26 x 26 x 30.75 inches
Item weight: 15 pounds
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backpac Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin, Black and White Brand: Full circle
Product shape: round
Maximum capacity: 1.3 gallons 
Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 11.38 x 8.5 x 9.2 inches
Item weight: 5.12 ounces
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backpac Exaco Trading Co. ECO-2000 Plus Kitchen Compost Waste Collector Brand: Exaco Trading Company
Material: plastic
Item shape: square
Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 8.5 x 9 x 12 inches
Item weight: 1.4 pounds
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1. EPICA Stainless Steel Compost Bin 1.3 Gallon-Includes Charcoal Filter

This EPICA stainless steel compost bin is popular among people because it is our premium pick. Because of its durability, mobility and odour control, it is the most desired among gardeners. 

One of the biggest worries when it comes to composting is the nasty foul smell caused due to the decomposing of all sorts of kitchen and bio waste. This EPICA compost bin effectively deals with this problem. The two features that play a role in this are its airtight lid and the activated charcoal filter. The lid traps the odour while the charcoal helps in absorbing it. Although the filter is replaceable however, with careful handling, it can last you for six months. You can also wash the filter from time to time.

With the odour issue out of the way, this bin can be kept indoors and even on your kitchen countertop for easy access. The sleek design and stainless-steel finish are sure to compliment your kitchen. Not only that but the premium 304-grade stainless steel, makes it resilient to cracking, chipping and scratching. Seeping of chemicals into the compost is also taken care of. This product is undoubtedly going to last you a lifetime.

Coming to its maintenance and cleaning, its convenient size could not make it easier. The one-gallon size is enough to hold a good worth of kitchen waste and at the same time perfectly fits the countertops. With its 7.16-inch diameter and 11-inch height it is straightforward to empty and wash. Since it has no welded parts as it is molded into one piece, you do not have to worry about any sharp parts sticking out and cutting your hands. It is dishwasher safe too but we do not recommend it, hand washing with warm soapy water is preferred in all, in the given price you cannot get a better deal, that will last you for a lifetime.


  • Activated charcoal filter
  • Made of durable 304-grade stainless steel 
  • No welded parts
  • Convenient size can be placed anywhere 


  • Activated carbon filter and airtight lid trap the foul odour 
  • One moulded piece, no welded parts 
  • Sleek, durable stainless-steel finish 
  • No rusting, leaking or cracking of the outer surface


  • Size might be small 

2. NEW OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin – 1.75 GAL/6.62 L

This product boasts some pretty unique features because of which it is our editors pick. It has a beautiful oval design with a smooth interior and outer walls made up of plastic.

One of the many features it has is the flow of oxygen through the softly closed lid. This is to ensure and odourless environment and also to make sure that pests keep out. This does not mean that the lid  is loose and doesn’t lock in the odor. To take care of that issue the lid flips down.

NEW OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin comes in the size of 1.75 gallons which is bigger than the previous EPICA compost bin. It’s actually the largest size when compared to all of the countertop compost bins, giving it an edge on them. Another advantage it has is that it’s designed to keep the food waste bag neatly tucked inside the lid. Moreover, the lid is a stay-open lid for convenience and ease, which can stay open for as long as you require. This helps when your cutting vegetables and need to dispose of the peels and waste right away. 

For cleaning purposes, the lid is removable for easy emptying. The smooth interior walls also avert any sticking of the compost.


  • Smooth oval shape 
  • Flow of oxygen 
  • Large capacity of 1.75 gallons
  • Removable lid 
  • The bag is neatly tucked away 


  • The soft closed lid allows the flow of oxygen 
  • Removable lid for convenient emptying of the bin 
  • Large capacity of 1.75 gallons, holds more biowaste


  • The exterior wall is susceptible to scratches.

3. FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter, 37 gallons, Black

Now coming to compost bin for the outdoors, this FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter is at the top of its game. Made from BPA free, 100% recycled polypropylene, making it durable and long-lasting in all kinds of weather conditions. The two supporting steel frames are galvanized to prevent any rusting or corrosion. It’s unique tumbling design makes mixing the compost almost effortless. Due to this unique rotating feature, the manufacturers claim that under the right balanced conditions and in suitable hot weather, the compost can finish in as little time as 2 weeks. 

The design is user friendly and hence is recommended for beginners. This composter can be quickly emptied with its removable door. It also features large openings from where the biowaste can be added with ease. For transporting purposes, deep fins are carved in the body to act as handles. To allow the mixing of oxygen with the compost, in order to break and decompose the clumps in the compost, large aeration holes are also made along with the fins. The manufactures pride in the fact that this tumbling composter allows far more oxygenation than any other competitors composter.

It doesn’t end here, this FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter has a lot to boast. Its design includes two separate independent chambers. This gives it more space and comes in handy when producing two different composts each completed on different occasions. This ensures that you never run out of your rich nutritious compost soil. Overall this product has a capacity of 37 gallons.


  • Rotating tumbling that aids in mixing of compost and soil without the use of hands
  • Durable polypropylene body and galvanized steel frames
  • Removable doors and large openings 
  • Two separate compartments for preparing two different composts 
  • Large holes for aeration and oxygenation 
  • Adequate capacity of 32 gallons


  • BPA free
  • Due to the rotation and oxygenation feature compost can be ready in 2 weeks
  • Removable doors 
  • Portable
  • Durable, withstands direct sunlight


  • It is  more on the expensive side

4. Utopia Kitchen Compost Bin for Kitchen Countertop

Another useful composting bin to be used as a kitchen composting bin is the Utopia Kitchen Compost Bin for Kitchen Countertop – 1.3 Gallon Compost Bucket for Kitchen with Lid. This comes in a small convenient size with 14-inch height and 9-inch diameter, made for small spaces. Its elegant, sleek, timeless design is surely going to add to your kitchens look. The stainless-steel finish also ensures durability, so that it lasts you a lifetime.

Every composter’s worst nightmare is the pungent odour that spreads around the compost within no time. Does that mean your kitchen will become stinky after a few days too? No, not when you are using this Utopia Kitchen Compost Bin. This bin comes with a charcoal filter in its lid that is easy to remove and clean when required. The manufacturers recommend cleaning with warm soapy water to keep the filter working in good condition.

Moreover, for practical and quick decomposing oxygenation is a must. For this, the lids feature aeration holes. The stainless-steel body is also very useful in trapping in heat to help the micro-organisms break down the components. The lid happens to be easily removable too so that you can remove it with one hand as well. There also is a handle for carrying it with ease. You can either use this bin for temporary storage of  the vegetable peels, leftover food and other kitchen waste, so that you don’t have to run to your compost pile every time you work in the kitchen, or  you can use it for making the compost soil in it, itself—either way, it has to be carried out once filled.

The bin is riskless of breaking, cracking and leaking.   The surface nor the inside are prone to rust. You cannot get a more fantastic product at such a reasonable price of 21.95 dollars other than this. It will prove quite beneficial in the long run.


  •  Tough Stainless steel structure
  •  Removable Charcoal filter 
  • Handles for mobility
  • Aeration holes in the lid 


  • Small footprint 
  • Tough, sturdy structure 
  • Effective odour control by the charcoal filters 
  • Inexpensive alternative 


  • In some cases, the lid is not so tight fitted

5. Large Composting Tumbler – Dual Rotating Outdoor Garden Compost Bin

If you are a busy gardener, you need a composter that has the maximum capacity to produce compost and does so efficiently and quickly. This Large Composting Tumbler – Dual Rotating Outdoor Garden Compost Bin, should exactly meet your needs. The compost should be ready in 6 to 8 weeks and in even less time in hot weather conditions. The bin’s base is made from a powder-coated steel frame while it also features galvanized steel feet. No matter the wet, moist weather, this compost bin will not fall prey to rusting or deterioration of any sort.

It is a dual-chamber bin, that means you can have two different compost pails going on, each in a different stage of the cycle. While one might be near its completion, the other chamber compost might be just starting out. In this way, when you have used up your one chamber compost humus, the other chamber will be just becoming ready to be utilized. This way you’ll never run out of fresh compost supply. 

Furthermore, if you are not a fan of mixing the compost with your hands, this product has you covered with its rotating tumbler design. The rotation is well balanced, so to avoid any tumbling over of the bin. For oxygenation, there are holes in the internal mixing rod. This aeration, along with the heat trapped by the bin’s thick walls, accelerates the decomposing process.

Large opening doors of about 10.23”x6.1” height and width respectively, as well as the perfect height for a wheelbarrow to go under it easily, it is more than convenient to use.

If you are looking for fast batch composting, this is your go-to product.


  • Dual-chamber
  • Good aeration and trapping of heat 
  • Strong, sturdy composition


  • Easy mix with the aerated internal mixing rod 
  • Effectively traps heat, for accelerated decomposing
  • Easy transfer of the compost soil to a wheelbarrow 


  • Might leak in some cases 

6. Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost bin

Algreen Products Soil Saver Classic Compost bin will genuinely help save money on notorious soil since it gives you the flexibility to produce 94 gallons of compost. Made from BPA free, 100 per cent recycled material gives it a rugged, durable construction and the ability to withstands the harshest of the weather conditions. The dark colour traps maximum heat, to accelerate the composting. With this product, you’ll be able to make the most of your biowaste, aiding in reducing landfill waste. The manufacturers guarantee that you will definitely save 30% of your kitchen scraps and waste with this product. They also provide a curbside pickup service.

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Coming to its set of features, the one that stands out is the locking, self-watering lid. Which servers a dual purpose. It keeps wild animals, rodents, flies and gnats while still allowing the circulation of oxygen and keeps in maximum moisture. Which is the key to speeding up the process. The estimated time of decomposing of the compost into a dark rich notorious soil is around 6 to 8 weeks, under the right conditions. For that, it comes with a manual for your ease. So, this product is very beginner-friendly.

For further ease of the users, there are large openings for convenient accessing. Because the composted humus after formation collects at the bottom, two sliding doors are made at the bottom. The amount of compost required can be easily scraped out from these doors while the rest can be again locked inside to keep away from rodents and pests.


  • Rugged, military-grade durable construction 
  • Large capacity of 94 gallons 
  • Saves 30% of the biowaste


  • BPA free  
  • Can produce 94 gallons worth of compost 
  • Has sliding doors for easy access of the compost humus
  • Comes with a manual for further guidance 


  • Mixing of compost with soil can be a little tricky 

7. Norpro, White , 1 Gallon Ceramic Compost Keeper, One Size

As the name suggests, this compost bin is made up of ceramic. It comes in a beautiful white color and a cylindrical shape. The bin has a height of 10 inches and a diameter of 6.25 inches. The ceramic structure is no less than a stainless steel or plastic one. In fact, it works as good if not even better. You will not complain about any pests, nor any odour escaping it for one with this bin. It is sleek design and outstanding features have effectively taken care of these issues.

Like every indoor compost bin, this too comes with a filter, more precisely a carbon filter. Although the filter life is 6 months, some users have given the feedback of it being robust and lasting them way more than 6 months under the right care. To get the maximum out of the filter like other happy users, make sure you do not fill the bin to the top so that the compost starts touching the lid. This will make the filter moldy and lose its functionality quickly. Although, you have the option to make your compost in it after it is full, but we do not recommend that. Please dump the waste into an outdoor composter bin. 

The ceramic structure is quite long-lasting, with no issues of leaking or leaching of toxic chemicals into your compost. Since the material is ceramic, there’s no question of rusting at all, nor any sharp welded parts. There are also handles for easy carrying, that can come off for convenient washing. This product is dishwasher safe; just remember to take out the carbon filter.


  • Extremely attractive
  • Carbon filter that can last up to or more than six months
  • Durable, heavy-duty ceramic structure 


  • Easily removable carbon filter
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Attractive beautiful design looks fantastic on any countertop
  • Locks in all the odour and keeps the flies away 


  • Holds a little less than 1 gallon 

8. Redmon Since 1883 8000 Compost 65 Gallon bin, Full, Black

An inexpensive alternative for batch composters is this Redmon Since 1883 8000 Compost 65 Gallon bin, Full, Black. For half the price of a rotating tumbler, it does its job pretty well. It has a sturdy, heavy-duty construction made from UV stabilised material, withstanding any harsh weather conditions. 

The bin is required to be set up on arrival, but do not worry, you don’t have to be bob the builder for that. It requires no tools for its setup, and there is an instruction manual to guide in the process.

The shape design is a trapezoid, with four 13″ Width x 8″ Height sized door for easy access of the composted material. A snap-on lid keeps in all the odour while keeping out wild animals and rodents. The UV stabilized material effectively traps heat to ensure quick decomposing procedure.


  •  Constructed from UV stabilized material 
  • Snap-on lid 
  • Four big sized doors for easy access 


  • Tight fitted, snap on lid
  • Four access doors make it easy to take out the compost
  • withstands any harsh weather conditions


  • Have to mix the compost manually 

9. Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin, Black and White

In a market of tough compost bin competitors, it becomes very hard for a product to stand out.

Full Circle Fresh Air Odor-Free Kitchen Compost Bin manufacturers have successfully managed to do just that. Their product does everything that its competitor product would do but in a unique way. It is made from sturdy recycled plastic and steel, built to last you a long time.

Unlike other products that use filters to keep the odour locked in, the manufacturers have an innovative patented design that doesn’t need any filter to address the smell issue. This means you don’t have to worry about carefully handling filters, nor having to spend the extra money on buying them. The lid is not troublesome either. It opens easily with a soft push of one button and also clicks on closing. So, you do not have to worry about the lid not fitting correctly. The stay-open feature of the lid is also quite desirable. Another feature you will not find on any other product is the wire ring that securely holds the bag. 

It comes in a reasonable size and holds waste of about 1.3 gallons. The bin also comes with five high quality bags for use with it. Cleaning is quite simple and easy.


  • Pushbuttons 
  • Unique patent design that deals with odour without any filters 
  • Aerated holes at the bottom and inside the lid


  • Deals with odour control effectively without using any filters
  • Comes with five good quality bags 
  • Wire ring to securely hold the bags 
  • Easy to open and close the lid 


  • Plastic is susceptible to scratches 

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10. Exaco Trading Co. ECO-2000 Plus Kitchen Compost Waste Collector

In the first instance, this product might look ugly and unattractive. However, looks can be deceiving folks. While this Exaco Trading Co. ECO-2000 Plus Kitchen Compost Waste Collector, might not look half as good as the other products in the market, but it sure works as good as all of them. And that too at nearly one-third of the price range. The product is made from high density polyethylene, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking or cracking any time soon.

The lid has a carbon filter installed in it that manages the odour. It lasts a long time and can be replacement if required. The bin can be kept anywhere in the kitchen, even on the countertop too, since it doesn’t take much space. Not only its space-efficient but also has twice the capacity range of any other product available. It can hold around 2.4 gallons easily. It’s always recommended to use a bio bag with any kind of kitchen compost bin to make cleaning easier. This bin even comes with plastic clips to hold these bags in place. Furthermore, there are small pockets indented under the hinges to slide the clips in, in order to move them out of the way.

With exco trading compost bin you will barely face any odour or pest issues, and you have to do a lot less emptying and cleaning because of its 2.4 gallon capacity.  It is easy to clean, and can always be popped in the dishwasher as it is dishwasher safe. You are paying for this product for the amount of price, and you surely will not be disappointed.


  • BPA free, made from high density polyethylene
  • Good holding capacity
  • Sturdy build 


  • Plastic clips to hold the bag
  • 2.4 gallon capacity 
  • Less emptying and cleaning 
  • Dishwasher safe 


  • The lid is not removable 

Buyer’s Guide for the selection of the Best Compost Bin

If your still indecisive of what to buy and whatnot, we have this Guide just for this purpose.

When it comes to buying anything, certain features are of utmost necessity without which the product is useless. While other features are there for a more user-friendly experience. In this list 

We will guide you through the necessary features considered before purchasing any composting bin.

Bin capacity

If you are after a kitchen composting bin, then the most important feature is the amount of compost it can hold. If the capacity is less, you’ll have to empty and clean your bin quite frequently. Especially if you have a large family and produce a lot of daily waste. 

Budget consideration

This is another important factor. There are pretty averaged priced bins out there that work as fine as the high pricey ones, some even better. So the high price does not necessarily guarantee an amazing working product. Do your research, and you will be surprised to find great bins at a reasonable price.

Easy emptying and cleaning 

Emptying and cleaning a bin can be a nightmare if it doesn’t have an excellent design. If you are a busy person, you should look for bins that use liners, so that you have to take out the bag only. Furthermore, the bin should have a removable lid for further ease. It doesn’t necessarily have to be dishwasher safe. If it supports a lovely smooth design, it will not be challenging to clean out yourself.

FAQs about the Best Composting Bin

Q1: What should I put in the compost pail?

Ans: There is a misconception that everything as long as its biowaste, can be put into the compost pail. Unfortunately, that’s not true. You can put almost every kitchen waste in the bin except for meats, bones and dairy products. Eggshells are fine though. Other than that, cardboard boxes, bathroom waste, cotton balls can be thrown in the compost as well. Similarly, garden waste is good material for composting apart from pine needles, refrain from throwing them in as the waxing coating is tough to decompose. As a rule of thumb, add nitrogen, carbon-rich substances. A little bit of moisture is also recommended.

Q2: Should there be maggots in the composting bin?

Ans: No, there should not be any maggots in your bin, and if you see any you need to empty your bin right away.

Q3: How often should I empty the composting bin?

Ans: Depending on the size, emptying may vary from 2 days to a week. Once the bin is full empty it as soon as possible to avoid odour and pest issues.