7 Best Cordless Cultivators 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

What if we say that you can do so many tasks like mixing the fertiliser, weeding, amending the soil, and brushing out the dead plants, with a single tool? Sounds unreal? Well, it’s not! Cordless cultivators can make it possible to get the gardening chores done all at once and quickly. That’s the very reason why we call these devices the biggest time-saver of the era. But why only the cordless cultivators?

Because they offer unlimited mobility and you can access both the wider patch and narrower garden beds with equal ease. Also, these machines can prep your soil for replanting without making you frustrated by tripping over the electric cord or trampling the vegetation.

Since cultivators possess steel tines at their bottoms to aerate the soil, these times can also shred the cord which in turn, make your tool useless until you spend hundreds of dollars on maintenance. In a nutshell, cordless cultivators are ultimately best in all respects; whether it be the mobility, convenience, price range, or capabilities.

Thus, to help find your dream cultivators quickly, we’ve compiled some of the best cordless cultivators in this article. Read on to get a detailed review of these products along with their pros and cons.

Best Cordless Cultivators

Best Cordless Cultivators 2022 Comparison Table

Cordless Tiller Cultivator - KIMO  Cordless Tiller Cultivator – KIMO
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SuperHandy Electric Tiller-Cultivator SuperHandy Electric Tiller-Cultivator
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Greenworks Cordless Cultivator 27062 Greenworks Cordless Cultivator 27062
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Earthwise TC70020 Cordless Electric Cultivator Earthwise TC70020 Cordless Electric Cultivator
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Greenworks Pro Cordless Cultivator TL80L00 Greenworks Pro Cordless Cultivator TL80L00
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Sun Joe 24V-X2-TLR14 Cordless Cultivator Sun Joe 24V-X2-TLR14 Cordless Cultivator
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Snapper XD MAX Cordless Electric Cultivator Snapper XD MAX Cordless Electric Cultivator
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7 Best Cordless Cultivators

1. Cordless Tiller Cultivator – KIMO

The very first cordless cultivator on our list is the KIMO series which is quite famous for its wide range of suitability. The selling point of this tool is its compact design and extremely lightweight which even a 60-year old man can use without feeling tired.

Despite this feather-light assembly, the unit can deliver an amazing performance by digging into your garden’s soil deep up to 5 inches. Thanks to its hardened steel tines which are kept slightly angled – 20-24°.

Also, the four rotating blades combine to generate a tilling path of 7.8 inches which you can reduce by removing two outer tines. Each blade contains 12 steel tines which, on being rotated endlessly, could bring your soil to the most desirable condition in a minute.

Doing so will further facilitate you to work on the soil, located in tighter regions and difficult corners. At the base of this tiller+cultivator, a sturdy and durable motor is mounted which runs at a pace of 350 rotations per minute. This intense power not only lets you get the job done in minutes but also breaks through the toughest soils.

In addition to making the machine powerful enough, I really appreciate that the manufacturer doesn’t forget to add user-friendly features to the model. In this respect, you’ll get a telescopic shaft, right beneath the handgrip, using which you can adjust the position of the handle according to your height and comfort. In this way, you won’t have to lean over the machine to get the job done.

Another interesting feature that I found in this model is its double activation mechanism. In other words, to start the cultivator, you have to push two buttons at a time so the machine won’t get started accidentally. The 20V battery is enough to make the device run for 35-40 minutes continuously and also doesn’t take hours to charge.

All in all, this cultivator+tiller is the best option for all those who are looking for a versatile tool that can tackle a wide range of gardening chores, from amending the soil to pulling out stray weeds and plants. And if you are having a small to the medium-sized yard, it’s 100% your go-to device.

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2. SuperHandy Electric Tiller-Cultivator

All the SuperHandy equipment is made by keeping the one aim in front – the manufacturer, something super and handy! This cordless cultivator of the brand is also here to deliver superb performance even while staying soft on your hand and convenient on your nerves.

To make the product eco-friendly and high-performing, the manufacturer has added the spillproof batteries 6A Lithium-ion batteries. In addition to this, a powerful motor of 1.3Kw capacity is also a part of the unit which gives off the maximum output to tear off even the most clumped and compressed soil chunks like paper.

To maintain the original high-end performance, some advanced protection technologies are also utilised in manufacturing. For example, both the wheels and steel tines are made of heat-tolerant and powder-coated steel which not only keeps on working gracefully under pressure but also fights against environmental damages like corrosion.

Speaking of design, then the tilling width is 14 inches that are formed by four rotating blades. These blades can penetrate deep down the soil up to 5.9 inches. However, by adjusting the blade’s height, you can reduce the tilling depths to 3.9 inches as well. The handgrips are well-cushioned which enhance the experience further.

Likewise, to protect the motor from overheating, an overload protector system is enabled which enhances the life of the unit. The thing which I like the most about cordless cultivators is that they mostly come with a push start system, rather than the recoil or rope-pulling ones. Using this push start button, turning the unit on is a breeze and saves both time and energy.

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3. Greenworks Cordless Cultivator 27062

Finding cordless cultivators with monstrous power is not an easy thing since the biggest drawback of them is their limited performance, due to limited power sources. However, this model of GreenWorks is here to change the trend and impart what we called exceptional performance.

To make this machine capable of undergoing the toughest soil demanding tasks and brushing out the thickest weeds, a special GMAX 2AH battery is mounted within the unit.
If you’ve used battery-powered cultivators before, you might have noticed that some of them show a declined performance as the battery starts falling.

Also, the batteries start losing their power retention capacity with every charge. However, this GMAX battery is mainly designed to deal with these problems. This battery not only generates power exactly according to the needs but also retains the same quality from start to end.

To dig the soil, four rotating steel blades are given which combine to make a tiling path of 10 inches. However, this width can be reduced to 8.2 inches by pushing the blades inward. When these rotating blades move in a forwarding direction, they dig the soil up to five inches.

This blade reach, when combined with the incredible stroke rate of 2000 strokes/minutes, make your garden soil fluffier and free of every stray vegetation. I tried this cultivator to amend the rockiest patch of my garden and this tool was heavily aggressive even there!

To move the machine all across the yard, two 6-inches wheels are present at the rear end. The only thing which I think needs improvement is the instruction manual. The assembly instructions written there are quite misleading and if you use your common sense, instead of wasting your time on understanding instructions, you could get started earlier.

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4. Earthwise TC70020 Cordless Electric Cultivator

If you are looking for a cordless cultivator to till the soil slightly deeper, then you should try this Earthwise product. This tool can dig the soil up to six inches however, its tilling width is not something impressive if you are up to large-scale soil amendment chores.

The total tiling path of this device is 7.5 inches which are only ideal if you want to till the soil of garden beds. Since the Earthwise brand is actively growing in the market of gardening appliances, you have to doubt their products’ durability and quality performance.

The machine weighs only nine pounds and its user-friendly design includes some amazing features to improve the experience further. For example, an on/off switch is there which I found quite responsive and smooth. This on/off switch also prevents your thumb from getting numbed by pressing the starter trigger for longer since all you have to do is push the button once to start and stop the unit from working.

The model consists of four steel tines which are, sadly, not adjustable, but since the manufacturer has developed this tool to target narrower beds, it’s understandable why he didn’t feel the need to make the width adjustable.

Along with the main wrap-around handle, another adjustable D-shaped support grip is provided which facilitates the user to carry the unit and target the specific soil patch more precisely. Along with a reliable motor and fast charging 20V battery, this product is a good choice to till around your small garden with more convenience.

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5. Greenworks Pro Cordless Cultivator TL80L00

Here we have another amazingly reasonable cultivator of GreenWorks. Since the brand possesses a very good reputation in the market for manufacturing long-lasting and highly efficient tools, wrapping up the list without mentioning their other masterpiece was not possible for me.

I personally have this model in my garage and the thing which I like the most about this battery-powered cultivator is its long runtime. Mostly the cordless tillers come with a runtime of only 20-25 minutes maximumly. On the other hand, this tool can serve you for forty minutes continuously at one charge.

Thanks to the manufacturer who added the huge 80V battery into the unit which is also compatible with other GreenWorks appliances. I have a garden hedger of the same brand and I switched the batteries to test the company’s claim. Fortunately, It didn’t disappoint me and the batteries worked with the same efficiency.

Besides this longest possible runtime, the performance of this machine is also striking with its ten inches wide tilling width and five inches deep tilling capacity. Although the electric cultivators possess lesser soil amending capabilities than gas-powered ones, the power this cordless model is offering, along with 1700 SPM, lies within an ideal range.

Besides the huge battery and reliable build, a sturdy brushless motor is also present at the heart of the unit which not only requires less energy to run but also gives off lesser vibrations and noises than other models.

To enhance user experience, a push start button is also there which works quite smoothly. Lastly, this GreenWorks cordless cultivator requires very low maintenance and all you have to do is to prevent the battery from getting overcharged.

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6. Sun Joe 24V-X2-TLR14 Cordless Cultivator

Since we are discussing the best cordless gardening appliances, how could we forget one of the industry-leading brands – Sun joe? There’s no chance of doing so since this brand is also quite high-in-demand these days.

The reason why we are mentioning this product in our list of best cordless cultivators is its largest tilling width and somewhat largest tilling depths. Beneath the motor assembly, rotating steel blades are equipped which can burst the soil intensely up to seven inches. Not only this, but the tilling area this product is offering is also amazing which is 14-inches wide.

After seeing such incredible features of this device, it won’t be wrong to say that it is capable of covering the most area and amending the largest soil section in a single swipe.

However, the list of features doesn’t end here. The system contains a 500W brushless motor which is supported by a 48V Li-ion battery. Speaking of comfort then both the handles and wheels contain top-notch material. The wheels are especially well-balanced and contain ridges which makes the unit glide over the bumpiest track easily.

To confront the bumpy terrain appropriately, the manufacturer has added the feature of adjustable tilling height. Using this feature, you can set the position of your cultivator at either high, medium, or low heights, as per the nature of the surface.

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7. Snapper XD MAX Cordless Electric Cultivator

If you are the one who cannot trust some new vendors of the market then snapper is your go-to brand since it’s been active since the 1800s. The company has remained the consumer’s choice for more than one hundred years and never disappoint them even once during this long journey.

Speaking of this model of snapper brand, then it resembles a lot to the previous product in respect to features and capabilities. The unit accepts a giant battery of 82V however since the tool is built to tackle heavy-duty chores, it lasts for only 30-35 minutes hardly.

The good thing is that the machine can turn over even the most absurd and compacted soil in a few passes so you can grow the best harvest there. The tilling depth offered by this device is five inches, however, unlike GreenWorks, its tiling path is longer and adjustable. You can adjust the tilling width to anywhere between 5.25-10 inches.

In other words, this snapper cordless cultivator is one of the most versatile gardening tools which you can use to prepare new garden beds or two aerate the compressed soil of your lawn simultaneously.

To start the unit, you just need to push the starter button and hold a grip over the high-grade handlebar. Since it’s a heavy-duty cultivator, handling and navigating the tool requires slightly more effort but you’ll get better at it after practising a little.

The only problem which I found in this product is its non-adjustable handlebar. Especially if you are shorter than 5.9, handling the machine could be a little arduous for you. Thankfully, the wheels are removable which, on being removed, lower the handlebars a little, to make the unit more manageable.

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Buyer’s guide

The market is full of cordless cultivators so how do you differentiate a good product from a bad one? No worries since all you need to do are to consider some aspects as follows

 Battery life 

The best thing about the cordless cultivators is that they set the user free from the tension of refilling the tank or mobility limitations imposed by the corded tools. However, the biggest drawback of cordless machines is their limited battery time.

You cannot work continuously with these devices and once the battery dies off completely, you have to wait for it to recharge so you could pursue what you were up to. However, the only thing you can do to make the condition much better and hassle-free is to get a cultivator with a huge battery.

Mostly, the batteries of 40V and 80V are considered the best since they offer a runtime of about 30-40 minutes. Within this time, you can conveniently amend the garden beds of your small to medium-sized yard, without rushing.


Understandably, the cordless tools are less powerful than the corded and gas-powered ones, still, you should get the one that can turn over the toughest soil easily. To check the power, look at how many blades are there and the construction of the teeth.

Also, consider the features like tilling width and tilling depth. It’s always suggested to get a cultivator with an adjustable tilling path so you can use it in a variety of ways; to amend both your garden beds and lawn patches.

 User-friendly features 

As stated before, the main interest behind buying a cordless cultivator is always to enjoy utmost manoeuvrability and convenient operations. Thus, it’s important to consider whether the cultivators possess features that can increase the user experience. Generally, it’s better to get a tool with a push-button starter and adjustable handlebars so every member of your family could handle the device easily.


Cultivators are generally used for light-duty jobs like mixing the compost, aerating the soil, or plucking out the weeds and stray grass. On the other side of the barrel, tillers are used for heavy-duty operations like breaking tougher soils into fluffier ones.

Yes, the cordless cultivators are worth it since these are much easier to operate and navigate. Due to being smaller in size, having a lightweight, and compact design, it’s perfect to turn over the soil of garden beds and tighter corners.

In comparison with the tillers, cultivators dig slightly less. Still, the good quality cultivators can till the soil up to 7-8 inches.


To help you select one of these eight best cordless cultivators from the list, we’ve compiled the three most favourite products which we like the most. Below are the names of those products along with the reason why they are our top picks.

Cordless Tiller Cultivator – KIMO due to its adjustable tilling width, telescopic shaft, lightweight and compact build, and double activation safety system.

SuperHandy Electric Tiller-Cultivator due to its spill proof battery, overload protection feature, heat-tolerant blades, and push-start system.

Earthwise TC70020 Cordless Electric Cultivator due to its on/off safety switch, additional support grip, ideal tilling depth, and reasonable price range.