7 Best Electric Hedge Trimmer of 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

uidHedges make the boundary of your garden and besides acting as living fences, they also keep the noise of the neighbourhood away from your living space. And most of all, the hedges play a very significant role to enhance the curb appeal of your property, but only when they are properly manicured.

No doubt that the manual sheers can be used to trim and shape the hedges but doing so would be quite tiresome. Also, you cannot achieve a sharp finish that you can get using an electric hedge trimmer.

Electric Hedge trimmers are specialised corded and lightweight devices that are used to prune the hedges. However, all the electric hedge trimmers differ from each other concerning their power, voltage, weight, maintenance needs, noise production, storage, and price. To make you get the right one, we’ve composed a list of some best electric hedge trimmers.

I used all the products mentioned in the list, from time to time to pen down their unbiased reviews along with their specs, pros, and cons. So, just read the article to find your perfect hedge trimmer.

Best Electric Hedge Trimmer

Best Electric Hedge Trimmers Comparison 2022

BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer (BEHT350FF) BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer
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Sun Joe SJH902E Electric Hedge Trimmer Sun Joe SJH902E Electric Hedge Trimmer
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Toro 51490 Hedge Trimmer Toro 51490 Hedge Trimmer
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CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer (CMEHTS822) CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer (CMEHTS822)
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WORX WG261 Cordless Hedge Trimmer WORX WG261 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
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Makita XHU02Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer Makita XHU02Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer
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EGO Power+ HT2410 Cordless Hedge Trimmer EGO Power+ HT2410 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
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7 Best Electric Hedge Trimmers

1. BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer (BEHT350FF)

This black + decker hedge trimmer has proved to be my ultimate best gardening device when it comes to pruning thick and large bushes and branches. Over its double-sided cutting head, a dual-action, 22-inches blade is present which works in a push and pull manner.

Due to such repeated motions and powerful 4.0 AMP motor, the blades could cut through even the thickest and densest vegetation of about 3-4″ diameter with extreme ease, just as a knife cuts butter. You might find that this unique working method slows the hedge trimming process a little but still, it’s, undoubtedly, much faster, efficient and strain-free than manual sheers.

Speaking of comfort then the front handle is completely wrapped in rubber coating which ensures a firm grip during working. Despite being capable of such elegant and sharp hedge slashing, the design of the device is kept super-ergonomic.

The tool is very compact and lightweight (5.07 lbs) for easy manoeuvrability and since it’s an electric trimmer, you don’t have to worry about the runtime or refuelling. Just plug the switch into a power source and complete your yard work in a go.

You cannot classify this hedge trimmer into the category of domestic appliances since I found it much more powerful. The blade length is 22″ which is the most ideal. You can even get the same model with a bigger blade, of 24″, but it adds to the overall weight of the device, which is not worth the unnoticeable advantage you get in return.

As stated before, its blade is double-sided which is the main reason why we feel fewer vibrations. During the trial, I felt that this trimmer generated 40-45% fewer vibrations and noise than other commercially available products.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dual-action stainless steel blade
  • Generates fewer vibrations
  • Ergonomic wrap-around handle
  • Cut through 3-4 inches thick vegetation
  • Best valued
  • 2-year warranty
  • Difficult to operate single-handedly

You can minimise the impact of vibrations further by wearing gloves during work. Fortunately, the wrap-around handle is big enough to accommodate male gloves-wearing hands. Last but not least, the blade is made up of stainless steel to save you from the hassle and expenditures of additional maintenance.

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2. Sun Joe SJH902E Electric Hedge Trimmer

If you are looking for a customizable trimmer with a telescopic design and sturdy build, this sun joe hedge trimmer is what you should purchase. This device weighs about nine pounds which means it could be heavier to carry for some gardeners but still, if you are using gas trimmers until now, you can easily carry it, even above your head, without feeling sprains and aches.

The most highlighted aspect of this device is its extendable length. You can reach a distance of about thirteen feet by extending the arm to its full length. Furthermore, the pivotal trimming head also makes it easier to prune tall, curvy, and short hedges precisely, without twisting your wrist strangely or unnaturally.

Its cutting blade is also dual-sided and possesses a total length of 21″ which can cut through the vegetation of about ¾ inches in a single pass, without giving off heavy vibrations. Since it’s hardened steel that is used to construct the blade, there’s no chance of it getting damaged on touching woody twigs.

To ensure complete safety and prevent accidental starting and plugging off, the manufacturer has added dual-handed safety mode and cord lock. Also, a long shoulder harness is there which helped me a lot to carry the device. To enjoy the neat and hassle-free trimming, lubricate the blades and poles of trimmers before every use.

  • ¾ cutting width
  • Telescopic arm
  • Pivotal head
  • Hardened steel used in blade
  • 4 AMP powerful motor
  • Heavy

To reach every corner of your yard, you might need to get an additional extension cord but the thing about which you’ll be completely worry-free is running time. In a nutshell, this telescopic power hedge trimmer is an amazing device concerning both reliability and cost. If you are looking to gain some extra coverage, you rarely find something better than it.

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3. Toro 51490 Hedge Trimmer

This toro hedge trimmer resembles a lot of the previously mentioned black + decker trimmer. For example, its blade is also 22″ long, with the same powerful 4.0 AMP motor but a higher comfort level.

While holding the toro and black+decker trimmers simultaneously, I felt that the toro is more convenient to operate, despite being heavier (6.7 lbs) than the black + decker ones. The thing which makes it so ergonomic and user-friendly is its special down-to-the-worker design.

The blade this trimmer has is also dual-headed which means you are not going to feel intense vibrations while pruning your living fences. However, the cutting width capacity of this device is only 9/16, but still, it’s sufficient to manicure small to medium-sized hedge walls neatly.

Toro possesses an incredible reputation for its quality landscaping tools and this model is also built to last. Due to being a corded device, you’ll enjoy the same level of power, without putting any effort, throughout the work.

Beneath the blades, a plastic shield is also given which protects you from the flying vegetation and branches. If such a protective shield is not provided, you might end up getting numerous scratches all over your hands and arms.

The device also comes with very little maintenance needs. All you have to do is to clean the blade once the job is done and wipe it down using a non-toxic oil. To keep the blades sharp and store the device safely, the manufacturer also added a blade sheath.

  • Dual-action, 22″ blades
  • High-quality build
  • More comfortable grips
  • Minimal vibrations
  • Constant power
  • Support grip for hassle-free handling
  • Cannot be operated single-handedly
  • Not the lightest trimmer

Operating the device single-handedly is something we cannot suggest to you, and even if you are new to hedge trimmers, doing so could land you in serious trouble. To ease the handling, a support grip handle is given with three-position adjustments. In this way, you can reach even the toughest areas without flexing.

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4. CRAFTSMAN Electric Hedge Trimmer (CMEHTS822)

If you are looking for something to tackle your heftier hedge trimming chores then you should give this craftsman tool a try. Most of its features are similar to other commercially available products we’ve mentioned up till now but still, some points make this craftsman hedge trimmer innovative and unique.

For example, although its cutting is 22 inches, it contains a long array of powerful and sharp teeth which adds extra power to cut the twigs and branches of 11/2 inches. That’s why I pick out this trimmer whenever my garden needs extra trimming and edging.

The long blades can reach an impressive length. The feature which I liked the most about this trimmer is that it’s feather-light (weighs only 3.04 lbs), despite being a heavy-duty gardening tool. To ensure comfortable and sprain-free manoeuvrability, a soft wrap-around grip and a support handle are added to the design.

Starting the device is also not so difficult and all you have to do is plug the cord and get started bringing your garden in desirable shape. The only downside which I observe is the unavailability of cord lock due to which, the cord could be tangled in the bushes and plug out or clog up.

  • Sharp metal teeth
  • Dual-action blade
  • Soft wrap-around grip and support handle
  • Easy to start and handle
  • Feather light
  • Reasonably priced
  • No cord lock

Still, this electric hedge trimmer is reasonably valued and acts as the most ideal solution for all those who are looking for a simple yet strong and effective device.

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5. WORX WG261 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

If you are looking for a hedge trimmer that could offer you maximum mobility and coverage, then you should consider this battery-powered Worx hedge trimmer. Despite being a cordless device, it is powerful enough to sheer medium to tall hedge with the help of its 22 inches long blade.

This trimmer’s blade works by moving back and forth repeatedly to cut through the thick branches and bushes without producing noise. Also, I didn’t feel much heftier vibrations while handling the device which is a plus point as well.

Usually, the cordless trimmers possess lower cutting capacities than corded ones but this tool never failed to amaze me in this respect as well. Its cutting capacity is also ¾ inches – equal to that of most corded trimmers. Not only this, but you don’t have to pass the blades numerous times to slash a solid twig since a single one would be enough.

Just like other cordless appliances, you also have to spend a few minutes assembling all the parts but doing so won’t require professional help or high-tech tools. All you need to do is to attach the front grip, safety guard and support handle with the main body and you’ll be good to go.

It weighs only five pounds which makes it convenient to carry it all across your yard without getting tired. Both the support handle and front grip serve appropriately by making the handling hassle-free. I am a fan of its D-shaped handle which is wide enough to accommodate a heavy hand like mine. Also, you can easily set the angle of blades according to the hedge-cutting pattern by rotating your wrist around the handle. The support grip is also soft and didn’t ache on handling for long.

  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Soft grips and easy startup feature
  • Satisfying cutting capacity
  • Offer greater mobility
  • Less noise and vibrations
  • Fast charging batteries
  • Not pre-assembled
  • No battery indicator

The only thing which I think should be added to the design is the battery indicator so we can monitor how much charge is left behind or whether the battery has charged fully or not. All in all, this WORX cordless hedge trimmer is one of the best devices I’ve used for years and every homeowner should have it in his garage.

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6. Makita XHU02Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer

This brand Makita is a Japan-based company that is known as being the favourite of professional and DIY users due to its extraordinary dedication in the field. From 1915, engineers have been manufacturing better and better tools that share the common traits of innovation and excellence.

Besides being famous for adding new features and using advanced technologies in their models, the company is also well known for producing long-lasting and premium quality products. And the best part is, they keep the prices of these amazing tools highly reasonable so every user can get access to them.

Speaking of this, Makita’s hedge trimmer has so many features which I appreciate a lot. First of all, it’s a vibration-free design. To suppress the impact of vibrations, five cushions are added within the main housing as a result of which, you feel zero buzzing.

A battery indicator is also added to the design so you could monitor battery level during working and charging the equipment. To ensure 100% safety, the manufacturer has introduced two handles; one D-shaped rear handle and a wrap-around grip handle. The rear handle can be adjusted to about five vertical and horizontal positions to get precise cuts. 

Within the unit, a high-grade lithium-ion battery is used which makes your tool run for one hour without stopping. However, if you operate the device in a low-power setting, one battery would be enough for 120 minutes.

The trimmer’s blade is ideal in length (about 22″), width, and sharpness which allows you to access twigs and limbs present at the upper side of the hedge. To maintain longevity and quality-working, star protection technology is added which prevents the trimmer from overheating.

  • Star safety features
  • Ideal blade length
  • Rotating rear handle
  • 120 minutes runtime on low speed
  • Multiple power setting options
  • Anti-vibration and anti-noise design
  • Long-lasting build
  • Heavy

The only downside is it’s the not-so-ideal weight (about 10 lbs). Other than this, the tool, with its multiple power modes, cordless, anti-vibration, and anti-noise design, is quite an appealing option to tackle medium-large yard work in a single take.

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7. EGO Power+ HT2410 Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The last hedge trimmer of our list is ego power+ which has launched a huge range of power tools in the market until now. The standout feature of this hedge trimmer is its power management mode. A 56 arc Li-ion battery is mounted within the unit which is controlled by this power management mode. However, the battery and charger are sold separately and the same battery is also compatible with other ego power+ tools.

To prevent overloading and overheating, cooling technology is also added to the design. Furthermore, the electric brakes are also there to prevent accidental pruning. As soon as you release the trigger, the brakes come into working and stop the blade.

Speaking of blades, it is 24 inches long and completely serviceable. It’s made up of hardened steel and doesn’t get damaged on hitting tougher objects. By cleaning and lubricating it periodically, you can further maintain the original shear capacity and sharpness.

Besides metal blades, the entire body is made up of high-grade plastic while the grips are rubber coated. In this way, you don’t have to worry about them rusting. Just remove the blade from the unit and you’ll be good to leave the device in your yard, under the sky.

  • Power management and cooling system
  • 24″ metal blade with 3000 SPM
  • Rubber coated handles
  • Electric brakes for better control
  • Lightweight and best for heavy-duty trimming
  • Best valued
  • Too big for small-scale jobs

Its cutting capacity is only inches but still, the SPM rate is 3000 which is quite impressive. It contains a brushed motor so you can expect the efficiency to be between 70-80%. Being lightweight and backed by a five-year residential warranty, this trimmer serves a very great value for your hard-earned money.

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Buyer’s guide

No doubt that the electric hedge trimmers are much better, much quieter, much lighter, and much more efficient than gas-powered ones. Still, you need to consider some factors to ensure that you are investing in something wonderful which benefits you for years. The factors you need to look for are as follows

 Cordless or corded trimmer 

The very first thing to consider is whether you want a corded hedge trimmer or a cordless one. Both possess their sorts of advantages. For example, the corded trimmer offers constant power throughout the operation and you don’t have to worry about recharging the battery. However, you need to get an extension cord to reach all the corners of your yards.

On the other hand, the cordless hedge trimmers are best for you if you prefer mobility over consistency. The cordless trimmer is powered by batteries and you need to keep an eye over the battery level all the time. However, such trimmers set you free from the worries of limited cord length.

 Weight and design 

The second most important feature to consider is how much your tool weighs. Although the electric trimmers are not so heavy, still, you should avoid getting tools heavier than 8 pounds; especially if you are up to some lighter trimming chores.

Some lightweight trimmers may also cause muscle fatigue and backaches if their weights are not distributed all across the device evenly. So, you better carry the device before purchasing and evaluate whether you could use it in the long run or not.

Speaking of design then it should not be too big to haul over your head while pruning taller hedges. Also, the handles should be wider enough and well-cushioned to prevent your hands from getting numb.

 Blades and cutting capacity 

The cutting capacities of most electric hedge trimmers range from ¼-¾ inches. Remember, the higher the cutting capacity, the thicker the branches you could chop down. So, always get the trimmer with the highest cutting width. Also, get a trimmer with a dual-headed blade since it is always more efficient than a single-headed one.


It mainly depends upon the type of battery present within your hedge trimmer. The batteries of average quality trimmers can run only 20-25 minutes and need a recharge after that. On the other hand, the batteries of commercial-grade cordless trimmers may run for 60-120 minutes.

Electric hedge trimmers need to sharpen after every use to prevent the blades from decaying and being damaged. Doing so will let you enjoy the excellent and sharp trimming operations for years.

To maintain the original quality and high-end performance of your hedge trimmer, clean the blades before and after every job. For this purpose, wipe the blades with a solution of soap and water and dry them immediately. After this, lubricate the blades and all the metallic parts with a non-toxic oil.

Our favorite’s

Unable to figure out the best electric hedge trimmer for you? No worries! Just go through our top-three picks which are highly suggested and most appreciated by our experts. We are 100% sure that you’ll find your ideal electric hedge trimmer from the list.

  1. BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer (BEHT350FF) due to its compact and lightweight assembly, 3-4 inches cutting width, and reasonable price.
  2. WORX WG261 Cordless Hedge Trimmer due to its easy startup feature, ergonomic grips, and fast-to-charge batteries.
  3. Makita XHU02Z Cordless Hedge Trimmer due to its star safety feature, multiple speed settings, rotating rear handle, and anti-vibration design.