7 Best Electric Wheelbarrow 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

If you are an enthusiastic gardener, you must have used the traditional wheelbarrows to transfer multiple objects, at once, from one point to another. To do so, you need to load materials like fertilizer, compost, lumber, pots, etc. into the wheelbarrow and push it along with you.

This tool, without any doubt, makes the shifting process much simpler and time-efficient but it also requires much physical effort – especially when you are transporting heavy materials. You might enjoy pushing and pulling the wheelbarrow during the daytime but at night, you would feel severe restlessness due to muscle strains.

Thanks to the electric wheelbarrow or motorized wheelbarrow which discards the need of pulling heftier loads and makes gardening a much easier thing for you. Not only this, but electric wheelbarrows are also highly versatile and come with enormous capacities.

However, selecting the best electric wheelbarrow could be quite confusing since newer and newer tools are being introduced in the market every day. However, not all of them are worth purchasing since some come out to be nothing more than disappointment.

Thus, before buying a motorized wheelbarrow, you should check its features, evaluate its pros and cons, and compare them with other available choices. And that’s the very reason we are here. We, with the help of our experts, enlisted some of the best and top-rated products in this article and jotted down our reviews about them.

We’ve also attached a buying guide so you could decide which one of the following mentioned products you should purchase. And if you are in a hurry, just go through our top picks!

Best electric wheelbarrow

Best electric wheelbarrow Comparison Table 2022

SuperHandy Wheelbarrow SuperHandy Wheelbarrow
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Landworks Utility Service Cart Wheelbarrow Landworks Utility Service Cart Wheelbarrow
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Makita XUC01X1 Power-Assisted Wheelbarrow Makita XUC01X1 Power-Assisted Wheelbarrow
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Jobe's Organics Fertilizer Spikes YARDMAX YD4103 Power WheelBarrow
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Landworks 24V DC Wheelbarrow Landworks 24V DC Wheelbarrow
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PAW 44219 Power Assist Wheelbarrow PAW 44219 Power Assist Wheelbarrow
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Greenworks Tools 7400007 Cordless Garden Cart Greenworks Tools 7400007 Cordless Garden Cart
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7 Best Electric Wheelbarrow

1. SuperHandy Wheelbarrow

This very first product of our list is perfect to be used on a slightly sloped terrain – up to an angle of 12°. This electric wheelbarrow gets the power from the 180W brushless motor. The average runtime is four hours and the maximum hauling capacity is 330lbs.

The entire equipment is made up of commercial-grade steel. Over the steel, powder coating is also added to enhance its longevity and make it durable against rot. The wheelbarrow doesn’t come in the pre-assembled form and you need to spend an hour or two to assemble all the components.

To steer the wheelbarrow smoothly across the terrain, smooth lever switch controls are given. These switches are mounted on the rubber-covered handles which keep your hands from getting numb. Aside from the handle, a battery indicator is also provided which informs you about the remaining battery life.

You can load the hauling tub of this wheelbarrow up to four cubic feet and its all-terrain 13″ PU wheel keeps the tub steady and well-balanced even on the tough and bumpy terrain – whether it’s covered with clay, soil, or snow. I also found that the manufacturer has added the different forward and reverse speed modes in this equipment. While moving toward the forward direction, the maximum speed you can obtain is 3.1 meters/hour. While for the reverse motion, the speed is somewhat slower to 2.2 MPH. Still, it’s a decent speed, especially when you are shifting tons of loads from one place to another, over an uneven surface.

  • Carry up to 330lbs
  • Large runtime (about 3-5 hours)
  • Grippy wheels
  • Cart loads even at 12° slope
  • Decent forward and reverse speeds
  • Smooth lever switch
  • Cushioned handles
  • Not pre-assembled

All in all, this wheelbarrow is a good choice for all those people having yards on hilly areas or upward slopes. Its large and reliable runtime and huge loading capacity make it worth considering.

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2. Landworks Utility Service Cart Wheelbarrow

Looking for a more than average motorized wheelbarrow? If so, then the incredible features of this land work Utility Service Cart Wheelbarrow will surely amaze you. This product is designed to do heavy-duty and more strenuous tasks.

It can haul up to 1000lbs and the cart capacity you’ll get is six cubic feet. To pull that much heftier loads, a 48V brushless motor is added to the assembly which is powerful enough to push the fully loaded cart even on a 15° upward slope.

The feature which makes this wheelbarrow different from other options is that it doesn’t possess the typical tub, instead, a cag-like steel frame is present. The four sides of the frame can be detached from the base to convert it into a flatbed to load lengthy lumber.

To unload the cart quickly, a dump feature is also added. The entire steel frame is powder coated with a blue signature paint. This double protection coating resists the corrosion and challenges imposed by extreme weather conditions.

Since it’s more a cart than a wheelbarrow, two 13″ highly grippy wheels are present at the rear end for traction and maneuverability while one 13″ swivel wheel is present at the front for swift forward motion. Both the handles are cushioned and ergonomic. Over the left handle, the switches for forward and reverse navigations are given while over the right handle, power indicators and steering lever are present.

The speed modes for forwarding and reverse motions are the same as those for the previous product. Since it’s a battery-powered wheelbarrow, you won’t feel the guilt of contaminating the ecosystem with harmful chemicals.

The lithium ions battery present inside is capable of serving you for decades and the runtime on complete charge is 3-5 hours. The only problem I found is its charger which, sometimes, overcharges the battery which, in turn, influences the life of the battery negatively.

  • Three wheels for better support and mobility
  • Haul up to 1000lbs
  • Quick discharge of material
  • 3-5 hours runtime
  • Battery indicators and steering lever
  • Double coated, commercial-standard alloy steel
  • Eco-friendly Li-ion batteries
  • Chargers may overcharge the batteries

In a nutshell, this electric wheelbarrow is perfect for the more intense and serious hauling jobs. Whether it’s a load of lumber or bags of fertilizers, everything can be hauled, transported, and discharged in a couple of minutes. Not only the gardening chores but this electrical cart can make everyday life much easier and pleasant for you in an interesting way!

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3. Makita XUC01X1 Power-Assisted Wheelbarrow

One can blindly trust the Makita gardening tools since the brand put its years of expertise and use superior quality material to manufacture their products. This motorized wheelbarrow is also one of Makita’s masterpieces which can serve all the landscapers and homeowners excellently.

However, the payload capacity of this tool is not too much (only 275 pounds), still, its brushless motor is powerful enough to climb the hilly and sloped terrain with 12° inclination without any problem. Along with the motor, two lithium-ion batteries are attached which you can use simultaneously.

The collective runtime of these batteries is eighty minutes which is, undoubtedly, the ideal. To prevent the batteries from overheating, over-discharging, and overcharging, computerized controls are added to the designs. The best thing is, these controls can’t be damaged under the influence of dust and even moisture since they are further secured by extreme protection technology.

Speaking of the wheelbase, it consists of three wheels; one front wheel and two rear wheels. I was amazed to see that the distance between rear-end wheels can be increased and decreased to change the height of the wheelbase. This feature really does help while hauling the heavier weights by distributing the weight all across the tool. The manufacturer also added the braking system which the user can control from the handles. As soon as you activate the brakes, the wheelbarrow starts to slow down and stops, eventually. Both the frame and hopper are made up of steel and the tool is further backed by a three-year warranty.

  • Highly advanced features
  • LED lights
  • Computerized controls to prevent battery damages
  • Lever controlled braking system
  • Quiet functioning
  • Three-years warranty
  • Adjustable wheelbase
  • Batteries need to be purchased separately
  • More expensive than other options

As the wheelbarrow is battery-powered, it doesn’t give out roars at all. By detaching the hopper, you can use the frame as a flatbed or garden tractor. Lastly, the LED lights help a lot to transfer load in low light conditions.

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4. YARDMAX YD4103 Power WheelBarrow

This mini-monster wheelbarrow suits the residential users perfectly – whether they possess a medium-sized garden or a huge lawn. However, we cannot recommend this product to the landscapers since it’s a hopper and the power will not be sufficient. Still, it’s a perfect device to carry out your heavy-duty gardening chores since the manufacturer has made it as per commercial standards.

To begin with, a super robust Briggs & Stratton engine acts as the power generating source which you can easily ignite by the smooth recoil system. I was surprised that you need to push the shaft once and the engine will start working. Thus, you won’t have to make your arms strain to get started.

Moving the wheelbarrow all across the yard is also quite simple as both the handles have ergonomic controls to change the direction. To keep the cart running, you need to keep pressing the lever clutch present on the left handle. In doing so, the engine will transmit the power to the transmission unit.

Thus, as soon as you unpress the clutch, the brake system will wake up to stop the wheels from moving. And that’s my most favorite thing about this electric wheelbarrow since it helps a lot in coming down the slope without getting unbalanced. Four-speed gears are provided where three work forward and one works for reverse motion. The hopper is made up of high-grade plastic and has a space of about 4.4 cubic feet. This spacious and heavy-duty tub can easily carry weights around 600-660lbs.

  • Perfect for large gardens
  • The excellent braking system with clutch controls
  • Four-speed gears
  • Short wheelbase for greater maneuverability
  • Quick payload dumping feature
  • Quick recoil start
  • Too small for professional landscaping
  • Treaded wheels could damage the turf

The wheels are extremely threaded and the wheelbase is also quite close to the earth. However, this short-wheelbase helps in keeping the machine standstill, even over slippery and sloped terrain. Lastly, this professional-grade electric wheelbarrow comes with a quick dump discharge feature where you just need to press a button to dump the payloads.

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5. Landworks 24V DC Wheelbarrow

Looking for an electric wheelbarrow with a full-day battery runtime? If so, then this model of land works is your go-to product. This wheelbarrow contains a ¼ PHP motor that can generate power of about 180W – the power which is enough to pull loads of materials (up to 330lbs) over an inclination slope of 12°.

With this super-powerful motor, you can not only transfer the materials across inclined ramps or sloped terrain but also complete the entire shifting process quickly with the 3.1 MPH speed. The huge battery unit present inside the wheelbarrow is capable of serving you all day long on a full charge. However, to recharge the unit from 0-100%, it takes about 4-5 hours.

Speaking of the hopper, it is made up of powdered coated steel which is durable and resistant to rust and impact. To maintain the balance over tougher pathways, 13″ pneumatic tires are provided with greater traction force.

Both the rubber-coated handles are there to assist you in controlling the wheelbarrow where the left handle possesses switch control for forward and reverse directions. However, the right handle possesses a battery indicator. For further safety, a shut-off switch is provided to stop the motor.

  • Longest battery runtime
  • Switch start system
  • Switch controlled forward and reverse directions
  • Powder-coated steel construction
  • Rust and impact resistant
  • Affordable
  • No braking system

The only downside of this wheelbarrow which I found is that it doesn’t possess a braking system. So, while coming down the slope or ramp, you need to stay alert. It’s better to slow down the speed to minimize unwanted acceleration and ensure smooth and non-accidental dumping.

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6.   PAW 44219 Power Assist Wheelbarrow

If you are the one who prefers durability over your budget, then you should consider this product for sure. This 24V electric wheelbarrow consists of a durable plastic-build cargo tub, two independent drive wheels, and two 9.0 Ah lead-acid batteries which are completely sealed to prevent moisture damage.

You might be surprised to know but the company guarantees that the wheelbarrow would not be subjected to any kind of wear and tear damages, even on years of abusive use. The maximum weight this wheelbarrow can haul is 200lbs and the tub capacity is six cubic feet – the hopper is probably the widest one with the highest capacity which makes it perfect for professional use.

Loading the materials within the traditional cargo tubs is, undoubtedly, a tiresome job since you need to bend down frequently to lift the bags and load them into the hopper. Thankfully, the manufacturer added the detachable tub which you can place right on your side for easy and stress-free hauling.

Speaking of convenience then multiple switch controls are added for different commands; to start the unit, shut it off, and other button-oriented navigations. All in all, you just need to press a button to get started – no need to make unnecessary efforts.

Similarly, the handles provided are made up of steel which is well padded to and powder coated. Since the handles are relatively longer, you can easily dump the haul-up material out without losing your balance. As we said before, it’s a commercial wheelbarrow, so it also houses a huge battery with a runtime of 10-12 hours.

  • Commercial wheelbarrow
  • 10-12 hour runtime
  • Button oriented navigation
  • Push start system
  • Ultra-wide cargo tub
  • Detachable hopper
  • Huge hauling capacity
  • One-year warranty
  • Not pre-assembled
  • Not a budget wheelbarrow

Besides being sturdy, durable, and efficient, the wheelbarrow comes with a one-year warranty. Before getting started, you need to assemble the unit using the direction given in the manual. The instructions are also not fuzzy instead, they are right on point which helps you combine the entire unit in thirty minutes or less!

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7.   Greenworks Tools 7400007 Cordless Garden Cart

If budget is your primary concern and you are looking for a small cart with a shorter hauling capacity for home use, you better should go with this GreenWorks 3-wheel garden cart. This wheelbarrow consists of two highly treaded wheels, a 40V lithium-ion battery, and a more compact yet sturdy hopper.

You must be wondering why this wheelbarrow possesses that shorter hauling capacity (only 100kg) despite being attached to a powerful one? Well, the power generated by the battery is utilized to shift your belongings from one place to another at a super-fast speed.

Yes, this wheelbarrow is capable of covering the distance at higher velocities. And this velocity is different for both forward and reverse movement. (4.2 km/hr and 2.4 km/hr respectively). Plus, the battery can keep working for 45 minutes uninterruptedly. And the best thing is, its fast charger needs only 1-2 hours to recharge the battery fully.

The 10″ air-filled wheels are specifically designed to run over the grass without damaging it. However, these tires are not too threaded, I didn’t find them slippery, even when they move over wet grass.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Move at high velocity
  • 45 minutes runtime
  • Well-built
  • Compact and sturdy hopper
  • Spring-assisted handle for easy dumping
  • Less hauling capacity

A spring-assisted handle is also added which eases the process of dumping. Since the hopper is extremely well-built, you can confidently load the rougher and harder materials. That’s why it can also be used for moving groceries.

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Buying guide

So what are the elements which are commonly shared by all the top-rated electric wheelbarrows? The huge hopper capacity, well-threaded tires, long runtime, and other advanced features? Even if a cart comes with all these features, we can’t say that it will be ideally suitable for you. Some people would be out there who are having lower hauling needs, why would they spend their money on a wheelbarrow with a jumbo cargo tub? That’s why you need to find your most ideal wheelbarrow yourself by considering every aspect one by one!

 Power and runtime 

The first and foremost factor to consider while buying the best electric wheelbarrow is power. If you want to transfer extremely heavy objects, you have to go towards a wheelbarrow with a greater motor or battery.

Some newbies might confuse the hauling capacity of a wheelbarrow with its hauling space. Don’t think that a wheelbarrow, spacious enough to accommodate rocks of several hundred kilograms, can shift them from one point to another as well. If you would try to transport heavier weights than the given weight limit, the electric motor could burn out. Plus, the wheel could also get damaged. Similarly, the runtime also depends upon the amount of weight you are going to load into your cart. So, if you are up to abusive hauling chores, go with the wheelbarrow with at least a 4Ah battery so it could work for at least 30-40 minutes. Purchase the extra compatible batteries with fast chargers to keep your device running for a greater frame of time.

 Maneuverability and navigation 

After the payload and runtime, the next thing you need to consider is whether the offered wheelbarrow is stable enough to run over sloped and uneven terrains? For this purpose, you need to check the wheels. Remember that the stability and balance of your entire unit depend on the wheels so you should get the best ones!

Speaking of the best, then the rubber air-filled wheels are the champions since they not only come with enough traction but also absorb the shocks and vibrations so you could pass through tougher pathways easily. These rubber tires are also non-slippery and less prone to wear and tear damages.

On the other hand, the plastic or polymer-based wheels are not that lasting and also heavier. They are good for light-duty jobs but with time, their durability and original appearance will fade away. For navigation, switch controls are often provided alongside the handles, near the finger range.

For more controlled and comfortable steering, we recommend going with the wheelbarrow with more navigation options like forward and reverse gears, variable speed modes, braking system, and if possible, the quick dumping feature.

However, to get access to all these user-friendly features, you have to violate your line of budget a little. Lastly, check the build quality, and don’t forget that the wheelbarrows with coated-metallic frames and hoppers are always better than plastic ones.

Our verdict

By now, you have gained plenty of information about the top-rated electric wheelbarrows of the market and how each product is unique in its area of services and features. If you are still confused about which product you should consider purchasing, you can rely on the top-picks of our experts which are

  1. SuperHandy Wheelbarrow due to its super-grippy wheels, decent speed modes, and smooth switch-controlled navigation.
  2. Makita XUC01X1 Power-Assisted Wheelbarrow due to its lever-controlled braking system, adjustable wheelbase, computerized controls, and LED lights for lowlight conditions.
  3. PAW 44219 Power Assist Wheelbarrow due to its industrial-standard build, ultra-wide cargo tub, huge hauling capacity, and longest runtime.

So just get the best electric wheelbarrow now and get rid of back-breaking and strenuous yard work! Whether you are a professional landscaper or a seasonal gardener, this tool will make everything fun and effortless.