Best Garden Sprayer 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

What’s your plan for the coming weekend? Are you thinking about spreading a plant feed over the garden beds to nurture soil’s fertility or are you up to the clean-sweep mission to set the shrubs free from anchoring weeds?

Whatever you’re planning to do to make your yard look more pristine, if you have a handy tool by your side, things will get too quick and easier. And the best gardening tool for this purpose is a garden sprayer since it will help you to tackle most of the yard work in time, including spraying the fertilizer all across the lawn and targeting the pest.

The garden sprayers come in different sizes, types, and capacities, and all of them are designed to meet specific needs. To help you choose and purchase only the best garden sprayer, we have curated a complete list featuring the top-rated garden sprayers.

All of these products belong to the leading brands and possess at least a four-star rating on Amazon. After selecting them based on their rating and reviews, our gardening experts have used them thoroughly so we can enlist the pros and cons and unpack the details of each one. Just go through the list to figure out which product truly deserves the title of being the best garden sprayer.

Best Garden Sprayer

Best garden sprayer Comparison Table 2022

ITISLL Manual Garden Sprayer ITISLL Manual Garden Sprayer
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Scotts Battery Powered Sprayer Scotts Battery Powered Sprayer
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CHAPIN Garden Sprayer CHAPIN Garden Sprayer
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VIVOSUN Lawn and Garden Sprayer VIVOSUN Lawn and Garden Sprayer
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Field King Backpack Sprayer Field King Backpack Sprayer
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Smith Performance Sprayers R200 Smith Performance Sprayers R200
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TABOR TOOLS Lawn and Garden sprayer TABOR TOOLS Lawn and Garden sprayer
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7 Best Garden Sprayer

1. ITISLL Manual Garden Sprayer

Starting our list with a small-sized manual garden sprayer, this product is perfect for all those having a small-sized garden, indoor potted plants, or patio containers. The tank of this garden sprayer comes with a capacity of about 0.5 gallons which makes it easy to carry from one pot to another and to spray the hanging pots. 

The tank is also translucent which allows you to monitor the level of liquid thoroughly and to measure the quantity, a side scale is provided. The entire body of this sprayer is made up of plastic, except for the nozzle which comprises brass. You can further adjust the nozzle to set on either fan spray or steam spray.

I like that the manufacturer chose the high-grade plastic material to construct the tank and other components since it’s the only material that not only offers flexibility and quality but also resists corrosion and chemicals. Also, it’s easy to clean as compared to metallic ones.

The tank possesses a wide mouth which facilitates easy refilling and at the top end, a strong screw-end primer is provided to build pressure inside the container. However, to release the excessive pressure, a pressure release valve is also given below the cap. You can lock and unlock the nozzle by pushing and pressing the switch present right across the ergonomic handle. Lastly, the sprayer comes with a one-year guarantee and some extra spare parts to enhance performance and service life.

  • Pressure release valve
  • Ergonomic handle and locking system
  • Screw end priming
  • 0.5-gallon capacity
  • Easy to refill
  • Two nozzle spray settings
  • Non-corrosive plastic build
  • Too small for large scale application

All in all, this garden sprayer is the best product regarding both budget and features and if you are searching for a sprayer for small-scale application, you should look no further.

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2. Scotts Battery Powered Sprayer

Our second product on the list belongs to the category of premium grade garden sprayers which also comes with an enormously heavy price tag. This garden sprayer is best for professional use.

Likewise, if you are having a huge yard around your home and want to get down with the spraying as soon and as comfortably as possible, you should get this product for sure.

The teardrop tank is translucent and comes with a two-gallon capacity which is quite large for average-sized home gardens. Over the tank, measurement marking is also present which helps you to pour only the desired amount of solution into it.

Below the tank, a stable and sturdy plastic base is provided whereas, at the top of the tank, a handle is mounted to carry the tank conveniently.

Speaking of functioning then since this model is battery operated, you don’t need to prime this sprayer again and again as the battery is present for this job. The solid and large lithium-ion battery keeps the chamber optimally pressurized which, in turn, ensures uninterrupted spraying.

Plus, a one-time charge will be enough for spraying twelve tanks or twelve spraying sessions. The spraying wand is 21 inches long which is non-corrosive and heavy-duty.

At the tip of the poly wand, a spray nozzle is attached which is designed to deliver fan spray, cone spray, and stream spray. Since the nozzle comes with spray adjustment features, you can choose one of the three spray settings as per your needs.

  • Battery operated automatic priming
  • Storage facilities for wand and nozzle
  • Three nozzle spray settings
  • Non-corrosive poly wand
  • Pressure release valve
  • Two-gallon capacity
  • 3-year warranty
  • Expensive
  • A shoulder strap is not provided

Built-in storage facilities are provided for both the wand and nozzle and to release the extra pressure from the tank, a pressure release valve is there so you can depressurize the system before refilling. In a nutshell, this Scott’s gardening sprayer has everything that is needed by professionals.

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3. CHAPIN Garden Sprayer

It is also a manual garden sprayer that is designed to meet the gardening needs of small and mid-size yards. However, the tank is relatively bigger with a capacity of about 1-gallon and a flow rate of 0.4-0.5 gallons/minute.

The tank is translucent and made up of plastic which can stand caustic substances and acids. Its mouth is also wide, in the shape of a bowl, for easy filling and refilling without splashes. Above the mouth, an ergonomic pressure building handle is given which serves the purpose of both, carrying the apparatus and priming.

Both the handle and 12-inches wand are made of copolymer material which imparts tensile strength and flexibility. At the tip of the poly wand, an adjustable spray nozzle is present which can be rotated to any spray width and angle.

The standout feature of this sprayer is its anti-clog filter which ensures smooth and constant fine sprays even when the liquid within the tank is full of debris and dust. The only downside of this product is that the wand is not as large as it should be but still, it’s okay for small to mid-scale applications.

  • 1-gallon capacity
  • Best garden sprayer for small and mid-sized yards
  • Anti-clog nozzle
  • Plastic build to avoid corrosion
  • All-range spray settings
  • The wand is not too large
  • Pressure dissipate quickly

Overall, this Chapin garden sprayer is good for spraying chemicals, especially pesticides and herbicides into the garden beds and around the trees. Its full range nozzle ensures the most desired spraying width, to avoid wastage.

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4. VIVOSUN Lawn and Garden Sprayer

If you are seeking a high-performance and durable sprayer for your medium to large size property, then you should consider this garden sprayer which offers a tank capacity of 1.3 gallons.

To begin with, the entire body is made up of translucent plastic, however, the color of the tank is orange-red which means you cannot see the level of liquid in the tank unless you brought it near a light source. At one side of the tank, a measuring scale is also present. The base of this garden spray is constructed to last and not to tip or leak out ever.

Since holding such a high-capacity tank is not easy, the manufacturer has provided the heavy-duty, comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap to carry it conveniently. Filling the tank is also not a problem since the mouth is quite wide which prevents spilling.

Speaking of performance then the manufacturer has put his best to make it unbeatable. The wand is 22-inches large which is long and sleek enough to reach narrower spaces. This feature is specifically helpful while you are dealing with non-selective weed killers and pesticides.

The spraying nozzle is adjustable and it’s up to you whether you want to spray the liquid all over the yard in the form of mist/fine sprays (by tightening the nozzle) or want only the precise applications in the form of streams (by loosening nozzle).

To impart more direction, the neck of the wand and spraying nozzle is angled slightly from the base. Furthermore, a safety locking system is installed along the length of the wand which inhibits the liquid from flowing further on pushing the switch forward.

Alongside the cap of the calibration bottle, a clasp-like clipping is designed to hold the wand when it’s not in use. Furthermore, a pressure relief valve is also present at the top-right side of the bottle to release excessive pressure from the container before refilling.

  • Easy refilling and priming
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Mid-range garden sprayer
  • Heavy duty and comfy shoulder strap
  • Long wand with adjustable spray nozzle
  • Versatile and huge tank capacity
  • Safety locking system
  • May wore out on coming in contact with corrosive chemicals
  • Replacement parts are hard to find

Priming is also very efficient and easy as you just need to push the pressure pump up and down frequently to build enough pressure. Lastly, the multifunctional garden sprayer falls into the class of mid-range products and comes with a one-year warranty so you can enjoy the consistent and constant flow.

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5. Field King Backpack Sprayer

It is a backpack sprayer that can be used for extensive fertilizer and pesticides application. During our trial of this product, we have unwrapped several features that ensure its quality construction and suitability towards professional landscapers and horticulturists.

The huge tank possesses a capacity of about four gallons which is higher than all the other sprayers we have reviewed. To carry this bulky tank, well-padded shoulder straps are provided along with chest cinch and waist belt straps which ensures fatigue-free and strain-free lifting.

Since you have to carry this container over your back, the manufacturer has added an exclusive no leak pump within the internal sides to prevent all kinds of leaking. In other words, it doesn’t matter how corrosive or harsh a chemical you have loaded within your container, these chemicals won’t leak or seep out of it and keep your clothes and your body totally dry.

It’s up to you whether you want to use this sprayer as a piston sprayer or a diaphragm one. The pump can generate an internal pressure of about 150 psi to perform heavy-duty tasks and reach almost 20 feet. The pump contains Viton seals that serve as ease to reach openings.

Inside the container, an agitator is present which mixes all the solutions thoroughly and the pedals keep them mixed by activating pump action. The lid is made up of high-grade rubber which refrains the inner content from spitting out.

The wand is also made up of copolymer material and has a length of about 21 inches which means you can spray even over the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. I appreciate that the manufacturer added the trigger lock system to the wand. With this locking system, you don’t need to hold the trigger in a specific way for a long time. Just pull and push the trigger to lock and unlock the sprayer.

  • 4-gallon capacity
  • Can generate 150 psi pressure
  • Padded shoulder, waist, and chest straps
  • 21-inches poly wand
  • Trigger lock system
  • No-leak pump and four nozzles
  • 2-year warranty
  • ● Sprayer head might prone to clogging

To attach at the tip of the wand, four distinct nozzles are provided where each one serves a different job. For example, foaming nozzles to spray in a diffusive manner, brass nozzles which can be further adjusted for conical spraying, fan nozzles for spraying at 70° angle, and narrow nozzles to spray at an angle of 30°.

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6. Smith Performance Sprayers R200

Getting the best garden sprayer for a small-sized yard is quite confusing. If you go for small, handheld units, you have to stop too often to refill the container. On the other hand, if you get an electric or battery-operated sprayer, you’d need to carry the heavy gallon which would be unnecessary.

For such situations, a 2-gallon garden sprayer is the best since it helps you complete all the spraying chores without the need for frequent refilling. Plus, a fully-filled 2-gallon tank doesn’t feel too heavy and that’s the thing that makes this smith R200 sprayer ideal for homeowners.

Still, the unit is handheld and you need to pump several times to induce internal pressure. However, the good thing here is that this unit is a compression sprayer which means the pumps present inside the assembly are extremely efficient and require much less priming to work optimally.

The wand is 21-inches long but unlike other sprayers, it is made up of stainless steel and slightly angled from the base for more subtle applications. To make the spraying more precise and directional, four interchangeable nozzles are provided including narrow, wide, adjustable brass, and foaming nozzles.

An easy locking system is installed within the wand along with the filtration system to prevent cloggings. The detachable structure makes the cleaning process much more convenient. Speaking of build quality then it is made up of robust materials including stainless steel, brass, polyester, and PVC. This amazing blend of materials makes the entire unit extremely resistant to chemicals, corrosion, wear and tear damages, and weather extremities. For easy lifting, comfortable shoulder straps are also provided which are made up of heavy-duty nylon so you can wear the apparatus for extensive periods without feeling fatigued.

  • In-line filtration system
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Ideal size for small gardens
  • Easy cleanup
  • Switchable nozzles
  • Durable and angled wand
  • Resistant to corrosion and chemicals
  • Efficient pumping system
  • The tank doesn’t have a measuring scale

Altogether, all the major features of this smith garden sprayer like being lightweight, heavy-duty, ideal size, easy cleaning, and many others, make this product the most ideal choice for all residential users.

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7. TABOR TOOLS Lawn and Garden sprayer

The last product on our list belongs to the tabor tools company; the brand that possesses a very fine and impressive reputation in the market for making the best gardening tools.

This budget garden sprayer comes in a very convenient and portable backpack design. The tank size is 1.3 gallons and it works on a piston pump mechanism wherein you need to pump the piston up and down by hand to generate enough pressure.

Not only is the size of this sprayer ideally compact to suit the homeowners and hobbyist gardeners but it is also made up of high-grade and transparent polyethylene material. This material is undoubtedly resistant to corrosion, however, harsh chemicals like alkaline and acidic solutions may eat it away.  At the backside of the tank, a measuring scale is present to monitor the level of solution. Shoulder straps are provided for easy lifting along with the ergonomic handgrip which is mounted over the lid. To ensure the constant flow of liquid out of the sprayer, a shut-off valve is given.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • High-grade polyethylene build
  • Shoulder strap and grip handle
  • Shut off valve for constant pressure
  • Measuring scale and transparent tank
  • Smooth Piston pump system
  • Acids might eat the sprayer away
  • The wand is not ideally long

The spraying wand is 16.5 inches long which is not ideal to reach hard regions but still, if you are going to purchase it for home use, this wand length would not be that bad. At the tip, one adjustable nozzle is attached which can be rotated to all ranges.

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Buying guide

By now, you have known in-depth details of the most common types of garden sprayers. Now you know that the garden sprayers could vary not only in size but also in types and mode of action. If it’s your first-time purchase, you must be confused about which type of garden sprayer will suit you excellently. To help you out making a productive decision, here are some things you should consider.


Generally, you’ll find two main types of garden sprayers; hand-held and backpack sprayers. The hand-held sprayers are perfect for all those looking for spreading insecticides and pesticides in limited areas.

Since the handheld sprayers do not come with huge tanks, they are not a good option for extensive applications. They mostly act on a piston or lever pumping mechanism where you need to compress the pump to generate pressure. To carry these tanks, a grip handle is must provided at the lid but some leading products also come with a shoulder harness configuration.

On the other hand, if you are a professional horticulturist or finding a sprayer for large-scale applications then you better go with backpack sprayers. The gallon size is relatively larger in such types of sprayers and they work manually or by the battery-operated assembly. To carry such vast gallons, multiple straps are provided which divide the overall weight across the back, chest, and shoulders.

Another less common type of garden sprayer is hose-end sprayers which need to be mounted with a hose tank. Such products are usually used to spray fertilizers all across the land.

 Capacity and build quality 

The garden sprayers come with a capacity range from 1 quart to 4 gallons. Remember that the higher the capacity, the more price you have to pay. Also, it is better to get two separate small-sized sprayers for insecticides and pesticides and bring a bigger sprayer which you solely use for fertilizing the land.

Otherwise, the chemicals of insecticides and pesticides may contaminate the fertilizers which, in turn, harm the plants. Don’t think that you can completely sweep out all the hazardous components of pesticides from the tank. So, it’s better to take proper preventive measures than repent afterward.

Besides the capacity, also look for the material used in the construction of the sprayer. The tanks are usually made up of polyethylene, stainless steel, or galvanized steel material. Stainless steel is durable but can be subject to rust or chemical decay easily. On the other hand, polymers are heavily resistant to chemical decay and corrosion but you have to pay special attention to storage conditions since they are more likely to get leaked.


To mitigate the selection process for you, we have reviewed some of the best garden sprayer products. All the previously mentioned products perform outstandingly but the top-three sprayers that are highly recommended by our experts are

  1. ITISLL Manual Garden Sprayer due to its non-corrosive plastic build, ergonomic locking system, and screw-end smooth priming.
  2. Scotts Battery Powered Sprayer due to its battery-operated assembly, storage facilities for nozzle and wand, and huge tank capacity.
  3. VIVOSUN Lawn and Garden Sprayer due to its easy priming and refilling methods, long wand with switchable nozzles, versatility, and safety locking system.

For further assistance, read the points mentioned in the buying guide so you can find the best product which can serve you fabulously for decades.