8 Best Pruning Shears of 2022 for your Gardens [Reviews]

Pruning shears, that are also called secateurs or hand pruners, are one of the most important tools used in gardens. Don’t think that you need to be an expert horticulturist, or a landscaper to trim your home garden using a professional, super sharp pruner since it’s a basic need of every yard.

Yes, you can use the general pair of scissors to trim the flowers and small shrubs but the difference between the cuts of household scissors and pruners is huge.  And What would you do when you have to deal with tough two-headed branches of trees or unruly bushes?

On cutting down those dense branches with your ordinary scissors, you will not only break the tool down but get a painful injury as a reward for making useless efforts. Pruning shears, on the other hand, can make the process of cut-after-cut so comfortable due to having extremely sharp blades and handy build quality.

Thus, to mitigate the procedure of buying the best pruners, we have reviewed some of the best pruning shears available in the market. Go through the list and see what our experts’ favorite products are.

best pruning shears

Best Pruning Shears Comparison Table

Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner
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Gonicc 8 Gonicc 8″ Professional SK-5 Steel Blade Anvil Pruning Shears
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VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear
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gonicc 8 gonicc 8″ Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears
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Fiskars Steel Pruning Shears Bypass Pruner Fiskars Steel Pruning Shears Bypass Pruner
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Corona BP 3180D Forged Classic Bypass Pruner Corona BP 3180D Forged Classic Bypass Pruner
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PrecisionPRO Titanium Pruning Shears PrecisionPRO Titanium Pruning Shears
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Mockins Professional Heavy Duty Garden Anvil Pruning Shears Mockins Professional Heavy Duty Garden Anvil Pruning Shears
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Eight best pruning shears

1. Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

This company has been in the race of making the most durable and finest quality gardening tools for more than fifty years and still winning. Some of my friends have been using this F-2 pruner for more than thirty years and it is still at the same level of performance and comfort as it was initially.

I received this pruner in reusable and durable packaging which can be used for storing the shears safely – away from moisture. You will find all the instructions regarding usage, sharpening, and maintenance over the packaging.

This pruner is quite light in weight (about 8.5 lbs) and easy to hold and use for long hours. The size of these pruning shears is about 8.5 inches long and the handles are also made up of forged aluminum alloy, mounted in the perfect angles which facilitate the fatigue-free trimming and pruning for several continuous hours.

The manufacturers have made the grip stronger and anti-slippery by adding rubber shock absorbers. The blades are swiss-made, comprising rugged steel that is kept extremely sharp, rigid, and has sap-proof grooves. The holding edges are so fine that you can easily sharpen these blades to maintain the same performance throughout.

This pruning tool is mainly designed for doing lighter tasks like trimming woody perennials and it can cut the bark of about one inches width smoothly.

For changing the cutting widths, you can adjust the nut and bolt assembly by tightening or losing them from the pivot. I liked the way felco protected its pruner’s spring assembly to prevent corrosion. Most importantly, the vibrant red handles are enough to catch your attention even when it’s buried underneath a mountain of mess.

  • Best for lighter pruning jobs
  • Rust resistance
  • Smooth performance
  • Lightweight and comfortable grip
  • One year guarantee
  • Sharp and rugged blades
  • Way too bigger for small hands
  • Bit pricey
  • Not suitable for hard gardening chores

Since it is one of the most used manual pruners among gardeners, you can easily find its replacement parts from any local store which is also a plus point. If you are looking for a hand pruner for pruning small-sized and not-too-hard branches, felco f-2 pruning shears could serve you best.

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2. Gonicc 8″ Professional SK-5 Steel Blade Anvil Pruning Shears

Gonicc 8" Professional SK-5 Steel Blade Anvil Pruning Shears

Gonicc is also one of the champions of gardening tools manufacturers and puts their utmost effort to deliver the most durable, handy, and super-efficient tools pruner. This model of gonicc is also manufactured by utilizing the highest quality materials to maintain the best build quality.

The blades are made up of high SK5 carbon steel using superior polishing technology which means it stays sturdy, corrosion-free, and shinier throughout its life. The blades made up of SK5 carbon steel are also sharper and stronger than those composed of ordinary steel.

The total weight of this tool is about 183-185g which means both the male and females can handle it conveniently. The handles are made up of aluminum which is further covered by thermoplastic rubber that not only provides the cushion against shock but also stays ineffective towards temperature changes.

Since it’s an anvil-type pruner, it is based on the spring and pulley mechanism where you can change the amount of pressure by making minor adjustments in pulley assembly.

It’s a plus point since you don’t have to rely only upon the spring. The pulley design will make it possible to cut down ultra-hard branches with a slight squeeze – no need to exert too much force. You can cut a branch up to ¾ inches in diameter.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Pulley design with a spring mechanism
  • Perfect for doing hard gardening chores
  • Made up of superior quality material
  • Durable and easy-to-use
  • Not suitable for cutting flexible branches

Anvil pruners are always the best choice for those who want pruning shears to wash out the dried-out or dead plants from their gardens so they can look more organized. If you are going to do some hard gardening tasks and don’t want to sacrifice your physical health, then this unique set of pruners is worth a try.

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3. VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear

VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear

The most interesting and eye-catching part of this pruning shears is its straight blades that are introduced to make precise and well-defined cuts. It just resembles the blades of ordinary household scissors but it’s way sturdier and sharper than that.

If we say that all the things about these pruning shears are more than fabulous, then that would not be wrong. First of all, this tool possesses the perfect size ( 9″ length) and weight ( 3 ounces) – size and weight which makes it easy to carry along wherever you go.

This feature is especially helpful towards females since they generally have smaller and sensitive hands, unlike men, and handling bulkier and heavier pruners can lead to hand fatigue. However, you won’t have to worry about any such consequences with a VIVOSUN gardening hand pruner.

Now come towards the build quality. The blades of this pruner are made up of stainless steel that eliminates the odds of rusting or getting decayed over time. However, to enjoy the sharp instant cuts, you need to maintain the edges of the blades. Thankfully, the maintenance needs are not too high since you just need to make sure to clean it after work and store it away from moisture.

The overall design is ergonomic, having spring-loaded mechanisms that help you trim and sharpen the stem heads smoothly for hours.

  • Straight blades for precise cuts
  • Affordable
  • Ideal for flower and vegetable pruning
  • Easy to use
  • Sideway locking
  • Need maintenance
  • Suitable only for light gardening chores

You can tackle different types of pruning chores using this secateur like trimming the small bushes, manicuring your flowering plants, and trimming the dead stems. Thus, if you are looking for a good set of pruning shears, you should pause your search here and try this gadget.

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4. gonicc 8″ Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears

This gonicc hand pruner is also one of the most famous gardening tools made by the company to please their customers with its impressive features. For example, its blades are made up of steel which is further coated with titanium.

This precious metal coating not only saves the steel from getting corroded but also imparts a very elegant look. Furthermore, ultra-fine polishing makes the model even more durable and sturdier.

The blades are extremely sharp and I liked its extraordinary strength of cutting many branches in a single go without exerting too much force. The cutting diameter of this pruner is ¾ inches. The special titanium coating over the blades also makes the sap slip off of the blades, resultantly, preventing them from getting sticky and avoiding intensive maintenance needs.

The curved blades work perfectly fine with the ergonomic body to prune the live plants. The handles are made up of aluminum that is further coated by PVC to make them non-slippery and comfortable to hold.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Suitable to prune dense branches
  • Sap-proof blades
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Springs may not be screwed tightly

The total weight of this set of pruning shears is about 3-4 ozs which allow you to handle it for several hours to trim your garden, without feeling any fatigue. Whether you are an expert or an amateur gardener, this hand pruner can make the process of trimming thick twigs much easier for you.

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5. Fiskars Steel Pruning Shears Bypass Pruner

Fiskars Steel Pruning Shears Bypass Pruner

This Fiskars steel pruner is also designed to perform lighter gardening tasks like cutting less dense stems or not-too-hard twigs. I appreciate the quality construction and materials which ensure that there would be no need for a replacement for many successive years.

The steel blades of these bypass pruners are super smooth and friction-free which makes the blades glide through the woody part of the plant and trim it down as it’s cutting the butter. Some credit goes to the super-sharp edges as well! 

Over the blades, a specialized coating is present which helps the blades from getting sticky or less efficient/sharper on contact with dust or sap. Besides the protective coating, ultra-sharp technology makes the blades much sharper than other competitors.

A smooth ambidextrous locking system is also offered by the manufacturer which will allow you to store the equipment in the safest possible way. The maximum cutting width of this bypass pruner is about ⅝ inches and the entire model is made up of a steel body which means the pruner is not oy durable but also corrosion-free.

Another interesting feature of the fiskars pruner is that it is featuring the patented gear technology. This advanced system makes the handling of pruners much easier, especially in the areas where pruning gets too difficult or requires much more force.

This gearing technology will multiply your hand force thrice and the duraFrame, rubber-covered handles can fit every middle to large hand comfortably.

  • Easy to use
  • Ambidextrous lock
  • Comfortable grips with patented gear technology
  • Multiply the hand force to thrice
  • Precise cutting
  • Suitable for lighter gardening chores
  • Not suitable for small hands
  • Cannot cut dead branches smoothly

This Fiskars steel pruner is capable of enduring the higher abuse without looking chipped, dull, or sacrificing its performance. Comfort grip, soft-touch, lifetime warranty, reasonable price range, and all the other features make this gardening set of pruning shears one of the most ideal solutions for a home garden.

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6. Corona BP 3180D Forged Classic Bypass Pruner

Corona BP 3180D Forged Classic Bypass Pruner

On having our hands over this set of pruning shears, we first think of it as an outdated model since the design is way bulkier and old, but, at the same time, it proves as the strongest and toughest pruner of the market. Why we are referring to it as the strongest pruners, let’s have a look at its features.

First of all, its compact blades are made up of forged steel alloy by employing the MaXforged technology. In case you don’t know, this technology turns any piece of metal into an unbreakable and capable of enduring immense temperature and pressure ranges.

Thus, the most highlighted feature of this forged pruner is that it is highly durable and has the best pruning shears for heavy-duty gardening chores. The handles are covered to make the tool non-slippery and perform the delicate cutting precisely.

The maximum cutting width is 1 inch. After each pruning session, you need to lubricate the blades to maintain the sharpness and quality of the material.

Sao grooves are also present to prevent friction from sap and other sticky agents. The blade and hook assembly ensure the most accurate pruning and cutting of the herbs, two-headed tough twigs, and picking the fruits from a close range.

  • Easy to use
  • Ambidextrous lock
  • Comfortable grips with patented gear technology
  • Multiply the hand force to thrice
  • Precise cutting
  • Suitable for lighter gardening chores
  • Not suitable for small hands
  • Cannot cut dead branches smoothly
  • Needs to be lubricated every time after usage

This heavy-duty pruner is ideal for professional gardeners who are looking for an unbeatable, sturdiest, yet, the most comfortable tool to carry on the heavy cutting for hours. The tool comes with a slightly heavier price tag but the top-notch quality and features it’s offering, are seriously worth it!

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7. PrecisionPRO Titanium Pruning Shears

PrecisionPRO Titanium Pruning Shears

It’s probably the first pruner of this list which is suitable for medium and small hands. The very first thing worth mentioning about this pruner is that It is a heavy-duty yet lightweight and comfortable pruning tool – this set of features is usually not provided in a single pruner.

On handling this set of pruning shears for the first time, I found that the manufacturer not only added the cushioned grips but the covering also acted as a shock absorber. This characteristic is really important for the pruners designed for small hands since they are more likely to get prone to hand fatigue, wrist strain, or other hand injuries on applying greater force.

The wire-cutting standard blades are made up of carbon steel titanium which means the blades will not lose their sharpness and strength even on cutting a wire of 0.8″ diameter.

In addition to high build quality, the blades also possess the sap grooves that keep the debris and sap away from the edges to keep your pruner best in functioning and making precise cuts.

  • Suitable for medium or small hands
  • Microadjustment system
  • Heavy-duty gardening jobs
  • Wire-cutting standard blades
  • Lightweight with comfortable grips
  • Not suitable for large hands

For smoother performance, you can personalize the pruning alignments accordingly by adjusting the micro-adjustment system. Since the blades are capable of reaching inner branches conveniently, it’s perfect for trimming trees having lower pruning needs.

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8. Mockins Professional Heavy Duty Garden Anvil Pruning Shears

 Mockins Professional Heavy Duty Garden Anvil Pruning Shears

Mockins Professional anvil pruning shears are for those looking for an affordable option but cannot sacrifice quality and performance. This budget bypass pruner is made perfect to endure the heavy abuse and regular wear and tear damages by the Professionals and still deliver better-than-before pruning efficiencies.

The blades are made up of stainless steel that doesn’t need higher maintenance needs as they won’t corrode over time. In this way, you’ll tackle the lighter routine-pruning chores effortlessly by the sleek and clean cuts. These precise cuttings will keep your plant healthy and growing by preventing disease spread.

I have used these shears for almost a complete hour and I didn’t feel any sort of fatigue or soreness. Thanks to its soft, non-slippery grips that made the whole task comfortable. The safety lock allows you to carry these super sharp blades along with you without raising the risks of injuries.

  • Best valued
  • Comfortable grips
  • Durable build
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Suitable for small hands and beginners
  • Safety lock to prevent accidents
  • Not suitable for big hands

If you are the one having small hands and looking for the best valued, comfortable, and enduring set of shears to harvest herbs and flowers, unruly plants, and less dense bushes, you should give a try to Mockins anvil pruner for sure.

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Buying guide

Just as other gardening tools, the best pruning shears also share some features which make them stand in the list of top hand pruners. Understanding those common features that are always provided in good quality shears will help you buy the best tool for your yard. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you must consider these factors while shopping around.

 Size and weight 

It doesn’t matter how efficient and powerful the tool is, if it’s not fitting in your hands or slipping continuously, it would be useless. Thus, the very first thing you need to consider is the size and weight of your pruner. Luckily, the market possesses multiple sizes of shears designed for different hand sizes such as big hands, medium and small hands.

Along with the hand size, also consider whether the manufacturer is referring to female big hands or male ones. Likewise, buy the pruning shears having the lightest weight so you can manicure your garden on Sundays for hours without feeling tired.

Size and weight best pruning shears

After finding the perfect size and weight of the pruner, the next thing to consider is the set of features offered. Look whether the handles of the pruner are non-slippery or not.

Check whether the lock system is available to prevent accidents. Check what cutting diameter the blades are capable of. And lastly, check the build quality to see whether the pruner would serve you for years or not.

Lastly, go for the pruners whose replacement parts are easily available in the market so you won’t have to invest a large amount all over again to continue pruning chores.



Pruning Shears, as the name indicates, are used for pruning/trimming/manicuring the garden by cutting down the unwanted and overgrown branches and denser bushes. Pruning shears are one of the most essential yard tools, without which, establishing a clean and green yard garden is nearly impossible.

To get the best pruning shears, there’s not any single rule. You need to consider and reconsider your needs and compatibility list to encounter the most comfortable, best-valued, and best-performing hand pruner.

The working method of an anvil pruner is similar to that of a knife where a blade pushes the branch toward the cutting board and cuts it out overpressure. On the other hand, the working method of bypass pruners resembles that of scissors where both the blades cut the branch while holding it in between.


We have reviewed all the best seller and top-rated pruning shears in the article. All the hand pruners belong to a different price range and you will surely find the most compatible one while scrolling the list down. The top-three pruning shears which win the hearts of our experts are

Felco F-2 068780 Classic Manual Hand Pruner due to its durable build with lighter weight and comfortable grips.

Gonicc 8″ Professional SK-5 Steel Blade Anvil Pruning Shears due to its spring-pulley mechanism, ergonomic design, and top-notch material

VIVOSUN 6.5 Inch Gardening Hand Pruner Pruning Shear due to its straight blade design, precise cutting abilities, and affordability factor.

Don’t forget that the secret of good gardening lies in the perfect pruning tool. Therefore, it’s advised to do your homework before going out shopping so you can find nothing but the best.