7 Best rear tine tiller 2022 | Reviews And Buying Guide

If you have some know-how about gardening then you must be aware of the fact that plants cannot be grown in all kinds of soil. Especially if you are going to establish a garden over an unused piece of land, the soil present there would be very tough and full of rocks and clay.

In this case, you need to till the soil first to break the clay and make it airer and fresher enough so it can get capable of supporting life in it. In ancient times, this tilling job was done by hand and there are still some people who plow manually but on a small scale or to prepare the soil of a pot or container for planting.

However, If you are having a large or midsize yard, tilling each and every part of it by your hands is not possible humanely. Even if you try to do so, it will take several days or even weeks and a lot of physical effort. So, why don’t you get help from technology?

Yes, the market is stuffed with such brilliant rear tine tillers which can help you tackle this tilling task in a few minutes. You won’t need to bend or stretch to surpass tricky or bumpy areas. Instead, all you have to do is to turn the engine on, push the tine tiller and walk. Repeat the process once and twice and your land will be ready to transform into a dream garden.

As we said, the market is stuffed with tine tillers, so selecting the best rear tine tiller out of this crowd could be highly daunting and confusing. So, let our experts help you in this selection process as they have shortlisted some hot selling products to review them. After reviewing those products, we have made a list of the best rear tine tillers and pen down their specs, pros and cons, and our in-depth observations so you can make the right choice.

Best rear tine tiller

Best rear tine tiller Comparison Table 2022

EARTHQUAKE 37037 Pioneer Rear Tine Tiller EARTHQUAKE 37037 Pioneer Rear Tine Tiller
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Southland SRTT212 Rear Tine Rotary Tiller Southland SRTT212 Rear Tine Rotary Tiller
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EARTHQUAKE 33970 Victory Rear Tine Tiller, Red EARTHQUAKE 33970 Victory Rear Tine Tiller, Red
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YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller
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Troy-Bilt Super-Bronco Rear Counter Rotating Tine Tiller Troy-Bilt Super-Bronco Rear Counter Rotating Tine Tiller
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Troy-Bilt Horse 306cc 20-Inch Forward Rotating Rear-Tine Tiller Troy-Bilt Horse 306cc 20-Inch Forward Rotating Rear-Tine Tiller
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1. EARTHQUAKE 37037 Pioneer Rear Tine Tiller

The company is manufacturing outstanding outdoor gardening tools since 1960 and by now, they have launched a wide range of both rear and front tine tillers in the market. The features which impel us to put this rear tine tiller of the earthquake at the topmost position of the list are as follows.

First of all, the machinery, just as other rototillers of the market, doesn’t come in pre-assembled form but since there are only three big parts that need to be assembled, doing so doesn’t take too much time. You just need to attach the wheels, side shields, and handlebars to get started. Once done, add the fuel to the tank and pull the cord to ignite the engine.

Due to being gas-operated, it is highly efficient and powerful which makes it perfect for tilling rocky and tougher pathways in a breeze. Another reason why the tines are highly aggressive is their counter-rotating symmetry which means they rotate against the rotation of wheels and don’t depend on them for energy.

This machinery is built to be durable and compact. For this purpose, the bronze and cast-iron transmission gears are added which are not only less prone to rusting but also lighter in weight than steel.

The tiling path is fifteen inches wide and these steel tines are capable of reaching the soil up to ten inches in depth. In this way, not only does the seed sowing zone get refined but all the pre-existing weeds also brush out from the roots.

Not only the tines but the wheels you’ll get in this product are one of the largest, powerful, and grippiest ones. The manufacturer calls them all-terrain tires which means it doesn’t matter how bumpy, steep or tricky the land parcel is, this rototiller will move forward with the same maneuverability, balance, and stability.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Four-cycle powerful engine
  • Super grippy and largest wheels
  • Solid base to impart maximum balance
  • 10″ deep and 15″ wide tiling path
  • Build to last
  • Five-year guarantee
  • Aggressive counter-rotating steel tines
  • Not a budget rear tine tiller

Along with the versatile wheels, it’s also the solid base or center of gravity that imparts that much perfect balance. The four-cycle engine can generate enormous power and the five-year engine and steel tines warranty make it the most lasting equipment of the category.

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This rear tine tiller is known as the best rototiller for large gardens and for this purpose, the engineers put special attention to making every part of this machinery robust.

Starting from its 13″ wheels then they are not only super grippy but also self-propelled which means you don’t have to push this equipment by exerting too much force. Just a light push will be enough to make this tiller run on the rocky terrain with grace.

These robust wheels get their power from the 212cc engine which is transmitted by the gear-driven transmission system. These gears are made up of cast iron to make them long-lasting and extremely durable. Above the gear, four teeth are mounted which are made up of commercial-grade hardened steel.

The total tilling width, which these tines can cover, is nineteen inches, however, the tines can penetrate to the eight inches depths in the soil. The width of every tooth is 13.8″ that making it broad and sturdy enough to pass through the toughest soil without breaking.

The feature which we liked the most is its dual-rotation tiling modes which allow you to change the direction from reverse to forward anytime, just by pushing a button. In this way, you don’t need to make a whole round again for tiling the same surface properly.

  • Heavy Agriculture-standard wheels
  • Wide tiling path
  • Dual-rotation tilling
  • Commercial grade build quality
  • 212cc powerful engine
  • Best-valued/li>
  • Lifetime technical support/li>
  • Valve stem could blow easily

Lastly, the company offers lifetime technical support of free and two-year limited warranty which makes it a good-valued device – a piece of machinery which you would rarely find at such a good price.

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3. Southland SRTT212 Rear Tine Rotary Tiller

This versatile rear tine tiller is the perfect option for all those looking for a device below 1000$. Even at this extremely lower price, the company is providing a contrasting quality and performance.

Starting its 212cc engine is quite easy as it is based on a traditional fuel delivering system. However, you have to be careful about keeping it out of the range of your kids since even the kids could turn it on. To navigate the machine easily in the reverse and forward direction, corresponding gear drives are provided.

The total tiling path is eighteen inches and comprises huge and super sharp steel teeth that can plow even all kinds of soil easily and go inside the soil up to ten inches. The counter-rotating tines assembly helps to break down the huge soil clumps and also gets even sharper with every rotation.

To make the tires heavy and anti-slippery, pneumatic material is used in their construction. Grudges and ridges installed within the wheel design add further balance and stability. The same material also helps a lot to dissipate the shock generated from the bumpy terrain so you can maneuver your land smoothly and strain-freely.

The selling feature of this machinery after its price range is its compact assembly. You can dismantle the parts to store the equipment in the limited storage and put them back together when needed. Doing so also doesn’t take too much time. If you don’t want to detach the entire assembly, just fold the grip handles to save space.

  • Powerful 212cc four-cycle engine
  • Pneumatic anti-slippery wheels
  • Self-sharpening tines
  • Easy to start and navigate
  • Good for both lighter and abusive tiling
  • Easy to store
  • Affordable
  • No warranty

Referred to as the workhouse, this southland four-cycle rotary tiller can tackle both the lighter gardening chores and heavy-duty tilling tasks with equal excellence.

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4. EARTHQUAKE 33970 Victory Rear Tine Tiller, Red

This earthquake rear tine tiller can prove a go-to solution for people having a small or mid-sized garden since it comes in one of the smallest and most compact sizes. Still, the engineer has designed the entire equipment in a way that it can till the soil with the same efficiency and power as the other commercial-grade tine tillers do.

Due to its small and manageable size, you can reach even the narrower areas – the parts of your small garden that are only ten inches wide. In addition to hassle-free tiling, this compact design also grabs lesser space.

It starts quite easily and quickly in the first attempt and due to instant reverse mode, you can change direction quickly without dealing with the troublesome gears. Almost the entire assembly is made up of cast iron and six hardened steel teeth contribute collectively to give a tiling width of 16 inches.

We really appreciate that the manufacturer has added three height adjustment modes using which you can not only set the equipment according to your height but also choose the tiling depth you want to achieve. The maximum depth to which these counter-spinning steel tines could reach is ten inches.

  • High-end build quality
  • Adjustable height options
  • Adjustable tiling depth
  • Manageable size
  • Ideal for small to mid-sized lawns
  • Instant reverse feature
  • Five years warranty
  • Replacement parts are difficult to find

Backed by a five-year warranty, this model of earthquake falls in the most perfect price range and since it comes with monster power, getting this tool for breaking down tougher lands will not be a trouble at all.

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5. YARDMAX YT4565 Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

Are you looking for a modern rototiller, full of amazing features and innovations? If so then you should give a try to this yardmax tine tiller for sure. The brand put years of expertise and engineering to make this model unmatchable and capable of performing best both on residential and commercial landscapes.

Starting from the engine then this machinery comes with a gigantic and super powerful Briggs & Stratton engine of 208cc which can produce enough torque (about 9.50) to dig through even the harshest and rockiest soils. However, fueling the engine was quite difficult for us, during our trial, since its dipstick is present deep down in the assembly and one needs to get help from side tools to reach it.

However, besides the engine filling, we didn’t find anything problematic in this rototiller. For example, starting the engine is quite easy since it works on the pull-start method. Not only the ignition but operating the device afterward is also quite simple. The feature of single-hand operation is provided which makes you able to push the machine using one hand.

Ten 13″ dual rotation and self-sharpening tines are present at the rear end which combine to form a tilling path of about eighteen inches (the rototiller with the widest tilling width). In addition to these ten teeth, two hammer tines are also added to the tilling crew to break down the bigger clay blocks. To balance the weight, two huge pneumatic wheels of 13″ are mounted.

The maximum depth that you can reach with these tines is 6.5″. However, you can choose one of the seven depth positions by adjusting the height of the deck. This feature is really helpful when you want to till the land on different heights such as for both the turfgrass and garden beds.

  • Good for both residential and commercial use
  • Seven adjustable depth positions
  • Widest tiling path
  • Ten tines and two hammer tines
  • Simple, one-hand operation
  • Easy to start
  • Forward and reverse speed modes
  • 2 years warranty
  • Fueling might be a little problematic
  • Manual push-start system

To make the navigation comfortable and time-efficient, forward and reverse speed modes are given so you can move back and forth with varied power, speed, and intensity. Lastly, the side safety shields keep you and your device protected from the rocks and clay projectiles during the operation.

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6. Troy-Bilt Super-Bronco Rear Counter Rotating Tine Tiller

This troy bilt super bronco rototiller suits perfectly the uneven and flatlands, where there are masses of compact, clay, and hard soil but no bumps or jumps at all.

The product comprises a 4-stroke 208cc engine and the bronze-build, the elaborate gear-driven transmission system that is enclosed in a cast-iron protective covering. However, the overall machinery is built up of high-end carbon steel which is not only capable of serving the user for numerous years but is also corrosion-proof.

The equipment doesn’t come in a completely assembled form however, assembling the components is also not so difficult and if you follow the instructions given within the manual, it’s just a matter of a few minutes.

The tilling width is sixteen inches and the reverse and forward modes further enhance the tilling through the narrower pathways and corners. Just push the reverse and forward gears repeatedly, over and over again, until the compact soil becomes completely nourished and refined. In this way, you can complete the entire operation much quickly and brilliantly. The AG tires of 13″ are also quite grippy and heavier enough to maintain balance and maneuverability across the device. The only downside we found in this rototiller is that it doesn’t run excellently on sloped or inclined surfaces. If you make the rototiller run over the hill or on bumpy terrain, it will begin to stall, and eventually, stop.

  • 16″ wide tilling width
  • Four-stroke engine to break bigger soil chunks
  • Pneumatic wheels with increased traction
  • Easy to start and handle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reverse and forward gears
  • Good to till flat and even surfaces
  • Not suitable for sloped surfaces

Still, the machinery stands prominent in the list of best rototillers for large gardens. Starting and handling it is also very easy. To maintain the original performance throughout life, you just need to keep the unit clean and use high-octane gasoline.

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7. Troy-Bilt Horse 306cc 20-Inch Forward Rotating Rear-Tine Tiller

The most impressive aspect of this last rototiller on our list is its wide attachment option to which you can add other gardening equipment and use it as a garden tractor, to save your money, energy, and time. However, that’s not the primary reason why this product is here!

This rear tine tiller comes with a jumbo engine of 306cc which can break through even the hard-packed clay and soils. The teeth head is completely covered with protective shields to save you from everything thrown out by the ground.

The wheels are also huge, somewhat bigger than those of other rototillers, which not only impart stability but also keep the ride smooth and free of jerks and stalls. Even the tilling of the roughest terrain is a breeze with this troy-bilt rear tine tiller. Speaking of speed modes, seven different speed modes along with a natural speed mode are given so you can customize your machinery as per the needs of the land. The same speed modes are functional for both the forward and reverse modes.

  • Wide attachment option
  • Multi-purpose
  • Super powerful 306cc engine
  • One-hand operation
  • Huge wheels
  • Seven-speed modes
  • Variable depths
  • Doesn’t offer an impressive tilling width

The only downside of this product is its small tilling width (only 12″) which means you need to spend more hours to complete your large-scale projects. Still, you can vary the tilling depths up to 7″ by using the variable depth positions. Also, the tool possesses a huge tilling capacity which allows you to utilize the device for weeks, without sacrificing its longevity.

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Buying guide

Buying a rear tine tiller should be a well-thought decision since the wrong choice will not only deprive you of your huge and hard-to-save investments but also bring your land in the creepiest condition. Thus, to avoid such misfortune, here are some tips that you should keep in mind!

 Check the power and torque of the engine 

The very first thing upon which your rototiller efficiency and level of performance depend is its engine, especially when you are out to buy the best rototiller for large gardens. Remember, the heavier the engine, the more will be the power and torque it could generate. Having a high-powered engine means you can easily break through the toughest soil and clumsiest lands. Not only this but the power and torque are also the factors that determine how fast your tiling teeth will rotate. So, in this way, you can also complete the tilling chores, even over the wide landscapes, in a few minutes.

 Check the features 

When it comes to features of a rototiller, you need to pay special attention to some must-have things such as the speed modes, variable tilling depths, ignition system, handling systems, and most importantly, the reverse and forwards navigation.

Tiling a new land means there would be some points where the soil will not be too stiff so you need to slow down the speed to save power and fuel. On the other hand, while tilling harder land spots, you will need to work at faster speeds so the teeth could go through the land with greater force and pressure, making it airy and refined.

Similarly, if you are willing to pay a little more, go towards the rototillers having single-handed operations so you don’t have to bend over the machinery for hours. The reverse navigation system will save you from doing frequent runs and rounds.

Our top-picks

Before ending the article, we want to inform you about our top-three products, the products which are the most favorite of our experts, so you can narrow down your search even further and reach your dream-rototiller quickly.

  1. EARTHQUAKE 37037 Pioneer Rear Tine Tiller due to its compact and lightweight assembly, aggressive counter-rotating steel tines, and long-lasting build.
  2. CHAMPION POWER EQUIPMENT Rear Tine Tiller due to its heavy agriculture-standard wheel, commercial-grade build, and lifetime technical support.
  3. Southland SRTT212 Rear Tine Rotary Tiller due to its self-sharpening teeth, anti-slippery wheel, and versatility.

We hope that the hacks we mentioned in our buying guide will mitigate the selection process even further and help you to draw a productive and beneficial conclusion soon!