7 Best Snow Blower under 500 – Reviews And Buying Guide 2022

Winter is all fun with cosy get-togethers and appetite boosting aromas, coming straight out of your kitchen, until it starts snowing. And if you live in a cold region of this planet, the snowy winter nights will, undoubtedly, be extremely painful and mood-spoiling for you. In the evening, your driveway is all-clear and tied up and right in the next morning, all you have to see is piles of snow, covering your entire property.

Shovelling this snow buildup is not something experts recommend as it’s not only time-consuming but also quite dangerous. Slight negligence and you’ll end up with a fractured ankle. Thus, The thing that can help you fight these snow challenges efficiently and quickly, in this case, is a snowblower.

While using a snowblower, all you have to do is to stand in a corner and project the nozzle towards the snow. Resultantly, the airstream coming out of the machine will shoot the snow out of your way. In this way, you don’t have to worry about getting slipped, nor do you have to suffer from severe backaches.

Just like other home appliances, you are offered a wide range of snow blowers where each one of them is different in its specs, power, efficiency, and budget. The good news is, it’s not that the pricer the blower, the better performance it would deliver. Instead, some excellent performing snow blowers can get the job done without disturbing your budget.

So, all you need to do is to find affordable snow blowers. And this is exactly what we are going to do in this article. Here, I’ve added a complete list of snow blowers that are not only perfect in all aspects including dimension, warranty, power, etc. but also prices as low as $500 or even lower.

Best snowblower under 500 2022 Comparison Table

EGO Power+ SNT 2100 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower EGO Power+ SNT 2100 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower
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Worx WG471 40V Power Share 20 Worx WG471 40V Power Share 20″ Cordless Snow Blower
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Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower
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Greenworks 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower, 2600502 Greenworks 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower, 2600502
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Litheli Cordless Snow Blower, 2x20V (40V) Litheli Cordless Snow Blower, 2x20V (40V)/ Vacuum
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Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric 40-Volt 4Ah Brushless Motor, 18-Inch Snow Thrower Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric 40-Volt 4Ah Brushless Motor, 18-Inch Snow Thrower
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Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18-XR 18-Inch 48-Volt Cordless Snow Blower Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18-XR 18-Inch 48-Volt Cordless Snow Blower
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7 Best snowblower under 500

1. EGO Power+ SNT 2100 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower

This ego-power cordless snow blower comes with a working width of about 21 inches and that’s why clearing a wide driveway using this snow blower is super-easy. As soon as I got my hands over this unit, the very first phrase that came out of my mouth was “wow, it’s quick“. But it’s not only the efficiency of this machine that’s impressive but also it’s easy to put together and lightweight assembly.

The handles are also foldable which makes the unit compact so you can put the machine in your garage as soon as you get finished. The average throw distance you obtained with this single-stage blower is 35 feet, which is massive. Even the double stage snow blowers can’t manage to shoot the snow out to such an amazing distance.

Turning the unit on is also a breeze as you don’t have to deal with heavy recoil or cranky clutches and all you have to do is press the start button. I also found it quite easy to push forward, even when the drive wheels are engaged. The controls of this snow blower are also fine. The chute can be adjusted at high or low positions and rotated toward left or right. However, I think it would be better if the chute controls are made a little tighter.

To make this machine durable enough to serve you for years, almost the entire construction comprises steel and a thick coating of IP×4 weather and waterproofing. This exceptional build ensures that the chute or any other component won’t get corroded with time.

  • Adjustable speed auger
  • Lightweight and easy to push
  • Works for straight 40 minutes
  • Throw snow up to 35 feet away
  • Rotatable chute
  • Remove heavy, compressed snow easily
  • Weather-resistant, sturdy build
  • Push start button
  • LED lights
  • Lacks heat-resistant grips

The selling point of this snow blower is undoubtedly its adjustable speed modes. Using these speed modes, you can deal with huge snow piles way long before the battery dies. The torque generated by the brushless motor is powerful enough to throw away even the compacted and fluffier snow without choking the chute or any other hassle. And lastly, since this blower is quiet to use, you can start working on snow even before dusk, without disturbing your neighbours.

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2. Worx WG471 40V Power Share 20″ Cordless Snow Blower

When it comes to comfort and effortless manoeuvrability, no one can compete with the battery-powered snow blowers since they save you from the hassle of tedious startups, extension cord limitations, and the emission of thick fumes. To get started at a snow removal job with this Worx power share, all you have to do is to turn off the lock button, pull the bail lever towards yourself, and that’s it.

A major misconception about cordless snow blowers is that they can’t be more powerful than electric or gas-powered units. However, on buying this tool, you’d witness yourself that the power generated by this gas blower is not only 20%-25% higher than its electric counterparts but also runs efficiently, for a much longer time, without getting overheated.

I also found that this snow blower can throw up the dry and fluffier snow to 20 feet but only if it’s ten inches thick. If your driveway and yard have thicker snow piles, more than 10″, a single pass will not be sufficient to make the area snow-free. Like the previous model, the chute of this snow blower is also rotatable (up to 180°) so you can specify in which direction you want to shoot the snow out. However, its working head is a little smaller than that of an ego power blower (only 20 inches) but still, it’s more than enough for home users.

Another interesting thing that I found is that you can adjust the height of the chute as well and by adjusting the chute height, you can specify the exact angle and distance of projected snow. The wheels of this snow blower are eight inches which can easily run across the heavy slush, without tipping over or stocking in. The battery compartment is sealed so it would stay protected from the weather and environmental damages.

  • 180° rotatable chute
  • Adjustable chute height
  • Sealed battery chamber
  • Easy start and safety lock feature
  • Dual LED headlights
  • Wide wheels for easy manoeuvrability
  • Battery indicators
  • Quiet and vibration-free
  • 5-year warranty
  • Plastic build

As compared to its price point, this snow blower is offering a lot more things and smart features. Some of those features like battery indicator and dual LED headlights are not even provided within high-end snow throwers. So, without any doubt, this model is worth your hard-earned money.

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3. Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

This Snow Joe electric snow blower comes with an 18 inches wide working head and plenty of interesting features which make it a good choice for all people having tight budgets. The very first and worth-appreciating attribute of this blower is its build quality.

Usually, cheap snow blowers come with plastic housing but this model is an exception since it comprises steel. Although the steel is not as thick as that of high-end snow blowers, it still contributes to keeping the unit lightweight. Some components are made up of plastic so you’d have to stay careful while passing through the gravel surfaces, or bigger snow piles.

Otherwise, you might end up damaging these components or bending the rotor. While testing this machine, I found it more suitable for lighter snow than the heavier buildups. The 15A motor generates airstreams that are powerful enough to throw the lighter snow (of 6″-8″) up to fifteen feet.

The airstreams can also serve as cleaning the heavier snow piles (of 4″) but while doing so, you’d have to stay slower so the chute won’t get clogged up. And since it’s an electric snow blower, it might get overheated on heavy use. Another amazing feature of this machine, which is rarely found in light-duty electric snow blowers is its halogen headlight which enables you to clear up your driveway safely, even when it’s dark outside.

  • 18″ wide steel auger
  • Perfect to remove light snow
  • Remove 720 lbs of snow/minute
  • Easy to navigate and lightweight
  • 2-year warranty
  • Halogen headlight to ensure safety
  • Quiet working
  • Foldable handlebars
  • Gets overheated
  • The handlebar is not adjustable

All in all, this electric snow blower under $500 is best for all those people who want to remove lighter and fluffier snow. Also, it’s a good option for folks who are looking for a lightweight and affordable snow thrower for their small to medium size lawn. On the other hand, if you are in search of a heavy-duty blower to remove compacted or heavy slush, you’ll not be happy with this product.

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4. Greenworks 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower, 2600502

Greenworks is a big name in the field of home improvement appliances and is famous for its eco-friendly options. Most of their products are either corded or battery-powered and this model is also one of them. The unit comes with a 12-amp motor which is not as powerful as its gas counterparts but still, it can throw the snow up to 5-10 feet away.

While using this snow blower, I found that it’s mainly developed for light-duty jobs and if you use it in heavy conditions, the motor and rotor might burn out. The good part is this snow blower works super quietly that sometimes, I thought perhaps the motor had died somehow. And as the manufacturer promised, the motor doesn’t require hefty maintenance like using a fuel stabiliser, changing engine oil, or pushing hefty choke valves.

All you have to do is insert the plug into the socket and press the start button. Speaking of build quality then its auger is made up of polyethene plastic which works perfectly fine with lighter and fluffier snow. However, I was a bit disappointed to see that this blower can’t deal with heavy slush or compressed snow at all. Instead, it rides over the areas of my driveways having compacted snow rather than biting it out.

  • Foldable and adjustable handles
  • Works on lighter snow efficiently
  • 7- inches wide wheels
  • Super quiet working
  • Throw snow up to 5-10 feet away
  • Costs below $200
  • Remote chute controls
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable speed
  • Not to remove heavy snow

Over the light snow, this device can work on 4-6 inches in a single pass and the thing which I like here the most is that since the paddles can’t reach the ground surface, using this snow blower over the wooden deck won’t be a problem. Last but not least, the handlebars of this unit are foldable and adjustable which enhances manoeuvrability even further. All in all, it’s a great choice for people having bad backs or seniors who can’t pull a heavy blower.

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5. Litheli Cordless Snow Blower, 2x20V (40V)

The most interesting feature of this snow blower is its rotatable chute and deflector using which you can pile the snow up in the preferred direction. The chute is 180° rotatable while the deflector plate can be set up to 45°. The whole unit is mounted over two 7 “ rubberized wheels that offer stronger grips on snow.

This blower gets its power from the 40V fade-free battery which means you don’t have to face mobility limitations. Moreover, this battery-powered tool is also much quieter and easy to use than corded and gas-powered snow blowers. Most of the components of this machine are pre-assembled but still, you need to secure the chute and deflector, handlebars, and cable clips to get started.

Turning the device on is also effortless since a push button is provided at the handlebar. The thing that impressed me the most was its lightweight symmetry which enabled me to tackle a daunting blizzard without feeling stress or strain on my muscles. To enable non-stop working, two batteries are provided along with the machine so as soon as a battery dies, you’d have another one on backup.

  • Rubberized wheels for better grip
  • Two batteries
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • Rotatable Chute and deflector
  • Push start button
  • Chute doesn’t clog
  • Two LED lights
  • Throw snow to a good distance
  • Not for compressed snow

To test this blower’s snow removal capacity, I make it run over a two feet snowy tract, having 3 “ thick powder snow. Initially, I was a little disappointed to see that this unit takes forever to clear the pathway but it can be said that the performance of this lightweight battery-powered snowblower was, without any doubt, more than exceptional. Like other cordless snow blowers, it can deal only with powder snow.

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6. Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric 40-Volt 4Ah Brushless Motor, 18-Inch Snow Thrower

The Earthwise company possesses a thorough experience of about an entire century in manufacturing home and gardening appliances and this product belongs to the premium catalogue of the brand. This machine comes with a brushless motor of 40V that can remove about 500lbs of snow/minute.

The most amazing thing you’d witness on using this snow blower is its ability to pick up piles of snow of about 12″ thickness and throw them to a large distance of about thirty feet. Yeah, that might not be the maximum but for a cordless electric snow blower, it’s still huge. With its 18 inches working width and double blade auger, the machine can not only make things super fast but also takes the immense labour out of the task.

Like other smart snow blowers, this model also offers a 180° rotatable chute for directional throwing and there are two LED lights mounted at the front to illuminate your paths so you can work even during the nighttime. I was also glad to see that this blower works quite perfectly with powder and compacted snow. The only problem you could encounter while removing heavy snow is that it might clog in the Chute.

  • Remove 500lbs/minute
  • Two LED lights
  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • 18-inches wide working width
  • Tackle light and heavy snow perfectly
  • Double blade auger to tear the slush apart
  • The monster blower at an affordable price
  • The chute might get blocked

To prevent the blockage, you better spray the chute with a non-stick spray before getting started. The best part is that the unit comes with a giant 4aH battery that can work without fluctuations until you make your 2-car driveway free of snow. A real-time illustration of a monster blower in feather-light housing.

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7. Snow Joe 24V-X2-SB18-XR 18-Inch 48-Volt Cordless Snow Blower

Unlike other bigger names on the market who are experts in manufacturing all kinds of home improvement appliances, this snow Joe brand possesses expertise specifically to develop high-end snow blowers. Not only does the manufacturer keep on adding innovative snow blowing features but he also keeps the prices low – within an affordable range.

If you ask me to explain this product in two words, I’d say feature-rich. This snow blower has plenty of things to offer that you’d hardly get in other snow blowers below $500. For instance, you might have noticed that the auger of most of the products we reviewed until now, is made up of plastic or thin steel. However, this machine comes with a rubber-tipped, four blades, steel auger that can clear blizzard snow of about 18×10 inches, in one swipe.

In other words, this snowblower can remove about fourteen tons of light and heavy snow per minute. Undoubtedly, that’s possible because of its 1200W brushless motor. I also like how this reasonably priced snow thrower can shoot the snow up to twenty feet and using its smooth, 180° rotatable chute, you can direct the snow stream to any direction you desire.

  • Feature-rich snowblower
  • 1200W brushless motor
  • Throw snow up to 20ft
  • 180° rotatable chute
  • Four-blade steel auger
  • Clears light and heavy snow
  • Powerful snowblower
  • Low runtime

Also, there’s a safety lock which when being on, prevents accidental ignition. Due to being a battery-powered snow blower, it’s completely safe for the environment. The only thing that is a little disappointing is that the battery’s runtime is not as large as it needs to be. You get two 4aH batteries that can run for about forty minutes. This runtime could be insufficient for the people having huge driveways or sidewalks to clear.

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Buying guide

While looking for the best snow blower under 500, your priority will, undoubtedly, be the budget. However, it should not be the only thing to pay attention to since there are way more essential elements to consider. Doing so will ensure that you are investing your hard-earned money over actually a worthy appliance. What are these essential elements, let’s have a look!


In the case of a snowblower, you need both the performance-based and comfort-based features to work for long hours, without stopping. If your blower lacks any of these two types of features, you’ll have a hard time clearing your land.

That’s why, always go with a snowblower that not only offers multiple speed settings, rotatable chute, adjustable bar handles, and sturdy steel auger but also possesses a push start button, LED lights, and hand warmers.

 Area to be cleared 

The next thing you need to consider before buying a cheap snow blower is the area you need to be cleared, especially if you are thinking about purchasing cordless blowers. Generally, for wide areas, it’s recommended to go with the machines that can work at super-fast speeds and throw the snow a large distance.

On the other hand, if you want a snow thrower for your small yard, you don’t need to pay extra to buy something super-efficient or extremely powerful since the mediocre snow blowers can tackle the job very well. Besides the area, also consider whether you need to clear heavy or lighter snow.


The answer to this question is based on your preferences and budget but generally, we’d call the best snow blower under 500 to that machine that has both comfort-oriented and performance-oriented features.

In terms of performance, a three-stage snow blower is far better and more powerful than a two-stage one. However, three-stage blowers are also more expensive and are usually recommended for commercial use.

How much a person should spend on a snowblower depends upon the nature of the snow clearing job he is dealing with. For residential users, a one or two-stage snow blower will be sufficient that may cost from $400-$1000. However, if you want a snow blower for commercial use, you’d need to set your budget for a purchase worth $1500-$2000.



Now that you’ve gone through our buyer’s guide and reviews for the best budget snow blowers, here are some recommendations that will help narrow down the search list further.

  1. EGO Power+ SNT2100 Cordless Snow Blower for its lightweight assembly, adjustable speed auger, large throw, push start button, and ability to clear slushes.
  2. Worx WG471 40V Power Share 20″ Cordless Snow Blower for its adjustable chute direction and height, battery indicator, dual LED lights, and quiet performance.
  3. Snow Joe SJ623E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower for its halogen headlight, 180° smooth rotatable chute, and foldable handlebars.