7 Best Soaker Hose 2021 | Reviews & Honest Opinion

Do you know that it’s watering upon which about 80% of your garden’s success rate depends? However, the most fretting and disturbing part of gardening is also watering the plants optimally since you need to make sufficient time from your packed schedule to stand in your yard, handling a water pipe to ensure that every leaf blade gets hydrated completely.

Besides the lack of convenience, watering the plants in such a traditional manner also adds up to your expenditures since a tremendous amount of water gets wasted. As the rate of inflation increases day by day, using the same method would be nearly impossible for every person with an average income.

For all these and many other problems, there’s a single solution that is, to get the best soaker hose. A soaker hose is a kind of water pipe having numerous pores over the surface, just as we have on our skin. This hose is connected to the water source; a tap, which on being opened, stimulates the water to come out of the pores as tiny and smooth streams.

You don’t need to hold it manually instead, just place the soaker hose near the plant beds, and let this incredible tool remove the burden from your shoulders. Most importantly, the soaker hose works best, with the same efficiency, even on the low water pressures and that’s the point that makes soaker hoses better than sprinklers.

However, the soaker hoses could be different in terms of dimensions, budget, size, shape, coverage area, and positioning. To help you choose nothing but only the best tool, our gardening experts reviewed the seven best soaker hoses and listed their pros and cons. So, just go through the list and get one step closer to getting a thriving, peaceful, and refreshing garden.

Best Soaker Hose

Best Soaker Hose 2022 Comparison Table

Element Sprinkler Soaker Hose Element Sprinkler Soaker Hose
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Gilmour Hose Flat Soaker Gilmour Hose Flat Soaker
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Water Right SKR-050-MU Soaker Garden Hose Water Right SKR-050-MU Soaker Garden Hose
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Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose Flat Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose Flat
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LINEX Garden Soaker hose LINEX Garden Soaker hose
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Melnor Flat Soaker Hose Melnor Flat Soaker Hose
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 Soaker Hose for Garden Soaker Hose for Garden
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Seven best soaker hose

1. Element Sprinkler Soaker Hose

Element Sprinkler Soaker Hose

The main reason why this product is grabbing the topmost position on our list is its two-in-one nature. The manufacturer has introduced a very unique and special design that we rarely see in other models.

By making slight changes in the design, you can turn this soaker hose into a typical sprinkler right at the time – no need to get any other accessories.

For doing so, you just need to change the laying pattern of this element sprinkler soaker hose according to the laying pattern imprinted over it. For example, if you want to use it as a sprinkler, just follow the pattern so that the holes would face upward.

On turning the tap on, you’ll get short water splashes in the air. Likewise, to use it as a soaker, lay the tool in a reverse laying pattern and the spray shots will get directed downward, damping the roots.

This soaker hose is made up of recycled material that is coated finely to make it UV-resistance. Similarly, the laser-cut holes are also given to remove the odds of kinks and turn-overs. However, I found it a little stiffer but that’s also for good reason as it ensures minimal leakage.

Both the ends possess brass connections that are further coupled with plastic handles to keep them soft on both male and female hands.

  • Dual-action
  • UV resistance and leak proof
  • Recycled material
  • Easy to use
  • Even dripping
  • Laser-cut holes
  • A little stiff

Since it’s a dual-acting soaker hose, it’s recommended not to dig it inside the soil and fix the positioning with landscape staples so the fragile roots and seedling won’t get damaged by frequent laying-removing cycles.

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2. Gilmour Hose Flat Soaker

Gilmour Hose Flat Soaker

First thing first, this Gilmour hose flat soaker is more weeper than the soaker. If you don’t know the difference between a soaker and a weeper then here it is! A weeper is a tool through which water drips or weeps smoothly to directly go to the roots.

On the other hand, a soaker works more like a sprinkler and sprouts the water stream as thin splashes to make them reach leaf blades and roots evenly. Thus, the standout feature of this Gilmour watering tool is that it can work on extremely low water pressure.

The manufacturer has installed some customization modes to the weeper hose, using which, you can specify the amount of water that needs to reach your garden beds. To regulate the flow rate further, it’s better to use a PSI flow limiter that will ensure even water seeping throughout the area.

The weeper hose is made up of recyclable PVC material that is not only more durable but also weighs less than rubber. All the pores are clog-resistance and covered completely to prevent weather and UV rays damages. You can get the soaker in varying lengths of about 25, 50, or 75 feet, according to the area you want to cover.

Due to having a lightweight and flat build, you can conveniently carry it from one place to another. Likewise, storing it is also easier as compared to other heavy-duty soaker hoses.

  • Slow soaker hose
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Comes in varying lengths
  • Easy to install
  • No blockage or Knicks
  • Affordable
  • Clog-resistant and lightweight
  • No water wastage by evaporation
  • Inconsistent drip that can be resolved by PSI limiter
  • May rupture or burst in extreme conditions

Due to being flat, you can easily lay it inside the soil of your garden beds without the help of assistance to make your DIY advanced watering system. The round and black design of this hose slow soaker also doesn’t make it noticeable. You can also place it above the soil and use landscape staples to keep it positioned firmly.

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3. Water Right SKR-050-MU Soaker Garden Hose

Water Right SKR-050-MU Soaker Garden Hose

If you are having a vegetable garden or looking for a soaker hose for your yard from where pets and kids could drink water, you must go with an eco-friendly and 100% chemical-free soaker hose.

You might not be aware but the chemicals and synthetic materials used during the manufacturing of soaker hoses contain lead and many other toxins that would not only make your soil contaminated but these toxins also flow to the veggies through the water. The same thing is true for using that water for drinking purposes.

Thanks to the genius manufacturer of this soaker hose who used FDA-grade microcellular polyurethane foam as raw material that discards the contamination concerns. Don’t confuse this environment and health-friendly build with less durability or hard to maintain since there are a lot more features that make this product perfect overall.

This water-right soaker hose is available in 25, 50, and 100 feet long that is full of super-snaking traits and a premium soaker hose to be used in all kinds of gardens.

I liked the chromium-coated-brass fitting that is a machine connected at both endings and prevents the kinking by acting as stress relief. These stress reliefs ensure that the water pressure remains even thoroughly so every part of your yard gets an equal amount of water. Plus, the connectors can sustain decades of abusive use and still deliver split-free, hassle-free performance.

Due to this feature, you can conveniently place it inside the soil and you won’t have to worry about clogging, twisting, turn-over, or blockage ever. Still, if you prefer to place it above the soil so you can change its positioning frequently, the UV resistant system prevents the degradation of a material under the influence of sharp UV rays.

  • FDA-Grade polyurethane material
  • Machine fitted brass connectors
  • UV-resistance and split-proof
  • Prevent twists, kinks, and turn-over
  • Even dripping
  • All-seasoned soaker hose
  • Expensive

All in all, the soaker hose is an all-seasoned gardening tool that also comes with a five-year guarantee. Due to having exceptional features, super-efficient performance, and premium build, this tool stands at the extreme side of the price scale, but believe us, it’s seriously worth it.

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4. Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose Flat

Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose Flat

For all those living in arid and hot regions, this rocky mountain good soaker hose comes as a lifesaver. The basic problem associated with living in a dry and warm climate is water loss by evaporation, so this tool is mainly designed to resolve this issue.

It features a dual-layer design that contains a heavy-duty, PVC material and super-durable fabric that not only prevents all the odds of evaporation but also imparts longevity.

The intense ultraviolet rays could harden the vinyl, which leads to sudden cracking on applying high pressure. To limit these consequences, the manufacturer has installed a high-quality fabric around the perforated vinyl liner. In this way, you don’t have to displace the entire assembly at the end of the growing season.

Since all the materials used during composition are eco-friendly and safe, you can also use this soaker hose to water your garden beds having herbs, vegetables, and other edibles, without being worried about chemical contamination.

The maximum length it contains is 75 feet and weighs about 2.12 pounds. It’s also very easy to fold up to store away when not in function. Puncture holes are added throughout the length that delivers even water dripping with complete consistency.

This soaker hose can sustain a pressure of about 60 PSI easily and can be used as both underground and above-ground watering systems.

  • Dual-layer design
  • Ideal for arid climates
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Heavy-duty build
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Consistent seeping
  • Not like a misting hose
  • Gets clogged sometimes

Due to that professional build, the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty so you can use this soaker hose all twelve months of the year without fretting about leakages. An all-seasoned watering tool that ensures consistent water-seeping and flexible construction. 

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5. LINEX Garden Soaker hose

LINEX Garden Soaker hose

This linex garden soaker is made up of recyclable vinyl material and possesses a flat-round design; flat while storing, round while in work. Placing the product throughout my yard was also quite handy for me as I didn’t have to face any issues like twists or turn-overs.

According to the manufacturer, the best flow rate for this soaker hose is 60 PSI, which is extremely low than the other average performing hoses. However, I was amazed to see that the pressure of Even fifty PSI also feels too much while using this Linex flat soaker hose.

Even at this low pressure, it can drip two gallons of water in only two minutes, which makes it best for highly dried-out landscapes. Water also drips evenly throughout the area, damping your plants’ roots equally, without wasting even a single drop.  The maximum length of one piece is 25 feet that can be extended further using connectors.

Both sides are fitted by metal connectors that are completely split-proof. Like other low-quality soaker hoses, it doesn’t coil upon itself and lays down happily, wherever you place it. The vinyl used in the manufacturing is of superior quality which ensures the same durability as given by round soaker hoses.

  • Recycled vinyl material
  • Even an efficient dripping
  • Doesn’t crawl up or twist
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Split-proof Metal connectors
  • Works perfectly even at extremely low PSI
  • Budget-Friendly
  • May burst on 25 PSI

In short, you are getting the features of round hose like longevity and leak-proof and also the characteristics of flat hoses like easy to carry, store, and install, simultaneously. And more amazingly, this product is also one of the best-valued products on our list.

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6. Melnor Flat Soaker Hose

Melnor Flat Soaker Hose

The standout feature of this soaker hose is the extremely compact, simple, and narrow design that allows you to place it in all kinds of garden beds and fit it up in all the layouts.

Every gardener who has used a heavy build, bulky soaker hose must know about the hassle of adjusting the tool around the corners without damaging the fragile roots.

However, The design of this melnor flat soaker hose is not only compact but also extremely flexible which makes it easier to fold the hose around the tricky angles and curved edges safely without running any risk.

On turning the tap on, the hose readily starts to drip the water consistently throughout the coverage field, even at low pressures. For more convenience, you can attach a drip timer that regulates the watering pattern automatically.

We got this soaker hose in the form of two  50 feet lengths, both of which were having a width of about one inch that’s super narrow. It means it doesn’t matter how narrow or tight planting territory your garden has, this soaker hose will serve it equally efficiently.

On connecting these two lengths, you can damp an area of about one hundred feet. Similarly, if you want to irrigate only a small field, detach both the lengths and use only one. Thus, in this way, you can use it as an irrigation system for all sizes of yards.

  • Compact and flexible design
  • Easy to install around sharp corners
  • Cover 100 feets
  • Extendible length
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Mid-range soaker hose
  • Kinks easily

Along with the numerous other benefits of having a compact design, it also comes with another one; easy to fold and store. The only problem is that the manufacturer doesn’t provide any special storage bags and you have to arrange one on your own. Still, this soaker hose comes with a two-year warranty which makes it worth investing your precious wages.

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7. Soaker Hose for Garden

Soaker Hose for Garden

This soaker hose is also targeted to irrigate the dry summer gardens that need more water in the base than on leaves. It aims to deliver more and more amounts of water towards the roots of plants so they can grow healthy and happy. In this way, you can conserve a vast amount of water from getting lost in transpiration.

To sustain the high temperatures of the hottest sunny days, the manufacturer has used a blend of recycled rubber and PVC material in a 70:30 ratio respectively. The entire build is perforated with tiny holes that impart consistent water seeping throughout.

To maintain durability, UV inhibitors are added that prevent the oxidation/disintegration of the tube. Both the ends possess metallic, corrosion-proof screw fittings that can be easily attached and detached to a faucet using an ordinary screwdriver.

I was assuming it to be quite heavy due to having heavy-duty materials but it was a surprise to find it quite lightweight and maneuverable. All in all, this soaker hose acts as a versatile tool for meeting the irrigation needs of both a simple, small home garden and a challenging gardening project.

  • Antioxidant UV-stabilization
  • Rubber-PVC blend
  • Slow and consistent seeping
  • Corrosion-proof metallic connectors
  • Seven-year money-back guarantee
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Cannot be used as a misting hose

Last but not the least, this soaker hose comes with a huge seven years money-back guarantee to assure that you are getting something that would run for several years without any issue.

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Buying guide

As stated in the introduction, soaker hoses differ in various aspects like dimensions, shape, pressure, water flow, material, etc. Thus, if you are new to gardening and soaker hoses, chances are you might get confused about what to get and what to avoid!

The basic and most crucial factors that you need to see in your soaker hose before placing an order are as follows

  Which material is better? 

The very first thing upon which the durability of your investment depends is the build quality. And when we say build quality, we are referring to the material used during manufacturing.

The soaker hoses are usually made up of polyvinyl chloride, polyurethane, and rubber material. The best soaker hose may also contain a blend of two different materials, imparting the magnificent traits of both.

The main thing to remember is that the rubber material is quite durable and less prone to leakages. However, due to being heavy-duty, it also weighs higher than vinyl soaker hoses. But this feature also serves you in a good way as you don’t need to bind it with staples. However, they are relatively different to maneuver and also cost an arm and leg.

The vinyl soaker hoses are lightweight and easy to maneuver but you also need to get some staples to keep them positioned in the intended place. Similarly, they are also more prone to kinking and rupturing and that’s the reason why you get vinyl soaker hoses at less prices.

  Which type is better?  

Soaker hoses come in two main designs; flat and round. The flat soaker hoses usually possess PVC material to keep the build compact. The perforations are made at both sides(upper and lower) of the tube. However, due to the effect of gravity, the water pressure might fluctuate a bit.

Such kinds of irrigation tools are preferred to be installed in straight garden beds. The reason is that they could get kinked around the sharp corners which stop the water from floating ahead.

Similarly, they also need more PSI for even water seeping. Since they are more prone to rupturing, they cost less than the rounded ones.

On the other hand, round soaker hoses comprise heavy build rubber material that makes them versatile. You can use them with equal ease both in straight garden beds and around the trees, corners, and sharp edges. Since they offer more flexibility, these types of soaker hoses come with a heavier price tag.


It mainly depends upon the coverage distance. If you are looking for a soaker hose to water a lengthy garden bed, you should go with the narrower ones since they maintain the even pressure till the smaller distance. On the other hand, go with the soaker hoses of larger diameter if you have a large size yard.

Just as the diameter, it also depends upon your irrigation needs. Generally, flat soaker heads are good for straight garden beds whereas the rounded ones are preferred to be used around corners and turns.

Soaker hoses come with the basic goal of watering the base of plants so you better place it closest to the plant’s roots. However, trying to maintain a fair distance of about two to three inches for the plants requires less water.


By now, you have understood what are the features which distinguish a low-grade soaker hose from the best soaker hose and you would have noticed that all the top quality soaker hoses that we’ve reviewed in this article share those features for sure. On reviewing all these irrigation tools closely and analyzing the pros and cons of each one, the top-three products that we loved the most are

Gilmour Hose Flat Soaker due to its adjustable flow rate, clog-resistant abilities, and varying lengths.

Water Right SKR-050-MU Soaker Garden Hose due to its FDA-GRADE PU material, brass connectors, and being an all-seasoned soaker hose.

Rocky Mountain Goods Soaker Hose Flat due to its dual-layer design, lifetime warranty, and heavy-duty construction.

Don’t forget to consider the points of the buying guide while shopping around since they would help you a lot to get the thing that suits you best.