8 Best Sprinkler Heads 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Maintaining a neat and green garden means you need to set the optimum watering conditions which are only possible with the best sprinkler heads.

Watering a garden is one of the most hectic yet important things but what if someone else does this for you? Someone who starts watering and refreshing your plants on your single command?

Yes, we are talking about the underground watering system since it not only saves you from the hassle of pouring water from plant to plant by handling heavy water cans in your hand but also saves your time and money.

However, the most important component of an underground watering system is the sprinkler head since it’s the part that determines the angle and ranges of water splashes.

In other words, by having the perfect sprinkler heads, you can get the most out of your investment and benefit your plant, whether they are being grown in an average size residential yard or a jet-size commercial garden.

From the dozen brands promising the best sprinkler heads, we have selected some top-rated ones and reviewed them so our readers could make the most beneficial purchase.

In the end, we’ve also mentioned the top-three products which we like the most. All the products mentioned in this article possess different ranges and other sets of benefits which, in turn, help you even more to find the most suitable product for your garden.

Best Sprinkler Heads

8 Best Sprinkler Heads 2021 Comparison Table

Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler-19 Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler-19
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Gilmour 167H Pulsating Sprinkler Head Gilmour 167H Pulsating Sprinkler Head
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Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head
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Orbit 55032 BRS Sprinkler Head Orbit 55032 BRS Sprinkler Head
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HUNTER PGP-adj Rotor Sprinkler Heads HUNTER PGP-adj Rotor Sprinkler Heads
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Eden 94115 Metal Oscillating Sprinkler Eden 94115 Metal Oscillating Sprinkler
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  Melnor MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler Melnor MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler
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Orbit 54028 Plastic Pop-up Sprinkler Orbit 54028 Plastic Pop-up Sprinkler
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Eight best sprinkler heads

1. Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler-19

Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler-19

Melnor XT turbo comes under the category of those sprinklers that offer a high degree of adjustment and customization.

For example, the flow control features let you control the amount of water and length of splashes. Similarly, the width control adjustment allows the users to control the switch between wider and narrower water widths.

We got this sprinkler in a neat cardboard packaging whereby many instructions and features of this product were mentioned.

The best part is that you don’t need to fit or adjoin the parts as it comes in a ready-to-use form.

The hose connector is located beside a plastic grip by which you handle the sprinkler more easily. Plus, it also contains the washer, removable nozzles, and stainers to prevent leakages, debris from going inside the hose, and cleaning up the nozzle, respectively.

To control the water flow and change the range and amount of splashes coming out at a time, you need to rotate the knob present at the sides of the sprinkler. However, there’s not any button to turn on/off the flow control system which is a drawback.

Similar to flow control, you can control the oscillation splashes (whether you want the water to come out from one side or both) by adjusting a collar.

The only problem here is that the width controller is a bit confusing to adjust whether you need to rotate the corresponding knob upward or downward – I got soaked up completely while adjusting the width controlling knob.

Since all the adjustable parts are colored brightly, it saves us from the hassle of figuring out the adjustment and non-adjustable parts. You can make this sprinkler head run over multiple pressures but it’s best to keep the pressure less to prevent water loss.

  • Multiple adjustment controls
  • Easy to handle
  • Perfect for rectangular and square yards
  • Comes in ready-to-use form
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Extra nozzle needle to poke and clean the nozzle
  • Not suitable for circular yards

Melnor XT turbo sprinkler is a good option, with a wide range of adjustment controls, for those who are having square and rectangular yards. However, if you are buying it for a circular yard, it’s not the best choice since it can damp the sidewalks as well, along with the planting area.

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2. Gilmour 167H Pulsating Sprinkler Head

If you are looking for a more durable sprinkle head option that can cover all the 360° directions, the. Gilmour pulsating sprinkler would prove to be a good choice.

The feature which makes this product that much highly rated is its ability to water the plants even to a far distance.

The average spray distance is forty-three degrees which means it’s 10-15 feet more than the other sprinklers that come under the average priced range.

The built quality of this sprinkler is also very nice which makes it easy to use. It comes with a lot of adjustment controls in which the adjustable sprinkler head radius is the most alluring. By using the diffuser screw appropriately, you can adjust the length of splashes.

Adjusting the length setting is quite easier and it didn’t take even a whole minute to complete. However, I had to spend a little time adjusting the intensity setting since its corresponding knob was a little rigid.

Similarly, the impulse arm ensures to prevent water loss by keeping the water directed towards the exact spot of interest.

The main function of this impulse arm is to reduce kick-back sprays (to avoid back and forth splashes), which makes the sprinkler work perfectly fine even over less pressure. This feature makes this sprinkler suitable for you especially if you have a well in your yard or limited water.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Impulse arm
  • No kick-back splashes
  • 360° coverage
  • Works well on low water pressure
  • Affordable
  • Pivot may get loose on full rotate mode

On installing this sprinkler head in our yard, we have witnessed its usefulness and efficiency – especially when it is set on full speed 360° rotation. Just keep the sprinkler working for ten minutes and almost all the grassy areas will get completely damp and fresh.

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3. Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head

Users usually come with a common complaint about sprinkler heads that they get subjected to leakage or get extremely dirty to prevent proper splash coming out of it, just in a few months. However, Rainbird 5000 has jumped into the market with striking innovation.

This sprinkler head possesses the triple-blade wiper seal technology which makes it the motor leakage-resistant device. In addition, the triple-blade seal also prevents the debris from getting inside the rotor, keeping the splashes as clean and energetic as they are initially.

Besides these exceptional qualities, Rainbird 5000 rotor is designed so well that it ensures even coverage all across the yard – whether it’s residential, semi-commercial, or commercial.

A special pattern is provided in the curtain nozzle that is bigger enough to release heavy water droplets. In this way, the chances of water getting diverted by the wind also get discarded.

Two different types of nozzles come with the packaging including standard angle (25°) and low angle nozzle (10°). On using these nozzles, you can get a distance throw of about 30-50 feet or more. Likewise, the full and half-circle sprinkling operation allows you to adjust the flow control and distribution as per your choice.

  • Special curtain nozzle
  • Triple blade wiper seal technology
  • Even coverage
  • Wind and debris resistant
  • Leak-Proof Design
  • Durable with long operation cycles
  • Difficult to keep in a popped-up position

Rain-bird 5000 rotor sprinkler heads are highly famous for delivering the best performance by eliminating all the issues customers have to deal with while using other sprinklers. Easy to install and easier to use, this top-notch sprinkler head is worth a try.

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4. Orbit 55032 BRS Sprinkler Head

These orbits BR’s sprinklers are made up of brass material which ensures the durability and longevity of the sprinkler head and makes it work perfectly fine even in heavy winds and on bumps.

Since brass sprinklers are stronger than plastic ones, they also discard the odds of wear and tear damages, thus, deliver the same performance throughout life.

The thing which I like the most about this orbit sprinkler is that it possesses a threaded 12″ base that can be easily removed and mounted to another place. In this way, you can water different parts of your yard using the same head.

The sprinkling radius you can achieve using this product is 20-40 feet in both full and half circles. In other words, you can adjust the range of splashes from 20-40 ft while keeping the coverage range either 180° or 360°.

I tried this sprinkler head over part-circle adjustment to observe its performance with kick-back splashes but I was glad to see that the anti-backlash arm works perfectly and no water is lost. As a result, water kept flowing through the sprinklers smoothly and evenly even at low pressures.

  • Full and part circle coverage
  • No backlash
  • Easy to install
  • Removable head
  • Durable build
  • Outstanding performance
  • Covers 20-40 feet radius
  • Prone to leakage
  • Dirt could pass across the nozzle

This sprinkler works also perfectly on the water pressure of about 40-60psi. However, debris could get stuck inside the nozzle which means you need to open and clean it inside out to prevent water dribbling.

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5. HUNTER PGP-adj Rotor Sprinkler Heads

HUNTER PGP-adj Rotor Sprinkler Heads

The PGP series of Hunter’s brand specifically suits the residential gardens since it covers an area of 20-45 feet. We received this rotor sprinkler in a rubber covering (factory installed) that is added for increased safety.

Plus, the packaging also contains interchangeable nozzles which allow you to change the sprinkling pattern and size of droplets according to your choice and needs. The arc adjustment feature is also provided which means you can control the water flow coverage from 40°-360° without having kick-back splashes.

The good thing here is adjusting the arc is also easier than that in other residential-standard sprinklers. The provided arc adjustment tool made us complete the adjustments in a few minutes. Also, the build quality is quite impressive.

Another valuable addition to this sprinkler is the ATR body design which allows the user to use this head as a replacement head for other sprinkler brands like Maxi-paw and Rain-bird.

In other words, if you were using those brands and now looking to replace them, you won’t have to remove the previous ones and dig up the newer ones. Just detach the guts and install a PGP sprinkler over there.

  • Rubber covering to boost safety
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Best to replace leaking sprinkler heads
  • ATR body design
  • 40°-360° coverage
  • 25-45 feet range
  • Easy to adjust the arc
  • Not suitable for commercial gardens

If you are living in a place where you have to use hard water for gardening purposes, then you must replace the sprinkler heads on and off. In such circumstances, hunter PGP sprinklers can save your time and energy from digging the newer heads. Plus, they also last longer due to having a durable build and design.

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6. Eden 94115 Metal Oscillating Sprinkler

Eden 94115 Metal Oscillating Sprinkler

As the name implies, this oscillating sprinkler is made up of heavy-duty metal which ensures the utmost durability and high performance. Plus, the metal used in the construction is also rust-resistant which means it doesn’t matter how harsh the weather conditions are in your garden, the sprinkler keeps looking as glossy as at the time of installment.

Another advantage of this heavy-duty metallic build is that it prevents the chances of leakages. If you have been using plastic sprinklers, then you must be aware of them getting weaker over continuous water exposure which causes leakages. On the other hand, you won’t have to encounter such a mishap while using the Eden metal oscillating sprinkler.

If we talk about its performance, then we seriously have to appreciate the manufacturer for designing the sprinkler so well. This product gives you the freedom to control the water flow, spray length, and spray width completely just by rotating a small knob.

Moreover, the maximum range of water splashing emitted by this sprinkler head is about 4900 square feet – the feature which makes this sprinkler head suitable for semi-commercial and commercial yards. Another exciting aspect is the spray pattern.

The feature which surprised me a lot is the anti-clogging technology. By this technology, all the twenty nozzles that come with the packaging are clog-proof since as soon as they will get clogged, a built-in clog cleaning tool will clean them up immediately

  • Heavy-duty metallic body
  • Full flow control
  • 4900 square feet range
  • Square spray pattern
  • High performance and durability
  • Not suitable for rounded yards
  • Not suitable for small gardens

Since this spray head is made for commercial gardens, and as most of the commercial yards are square or rectangular, the spray pattern has also been kept square. In this way, the sidewalks will not get damp and water will reach only the spots where it was meant to be.

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7. Melnor MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

Melnor MiniMax Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler

We already have mentioned a melnor sprinkler head model in this article however, this one is also worth mentioning due to its outstanding features.

The body is made up of plastic but since plastic sprinklers are mostly harmed or chewed by pets, the manufacturer has installed a wide footprint base in the design.

This footprint base allows the sprinkler to stand in a pop-up position without needing any wall support. At the same time, this base prevents the sprinkler head from shaking and unbalancing during use.

You can also use these footprints as handles since it possesses cut-out designs by which you can conveniently carry it from one place to another.

We received this sprinkler head packaging along with sixteen different nozzles that give the users the to customize spray patterns. To deliver a greater degree of personalization, the manufacturer has added the features of flow control, head movement, and flow rate.

To use the sprinkler, you just need to place it on a plain surface and turn on the drive motor after adjusting the rotary movement. As a result, the sprinkler will spray the water up to a range of 4600 square feet with 360° coverage.

  • A wide degree of personalization
  • 4600 square feet range
  • 360° coverage
  • Easy to carry around and install
  • Stable footprint base
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Powerful drive motor
  • Affordable
  • Not suitable for small garden
  • Not suitable for small gardens

The drive motor installed within the device is powerful enough so that the entire watering process will take a few minutes to complete. In this way, this budget head sprinkler will not only save your hard-earned wedges while shopping around but also cut down the bills of electricity.

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8. Orbit 54028 Plastic Pop-up Sprinkler

Orbit 54028 Plastic Pop-up Sprinkler

This orbit plastic sprinkler head is unique in its design and performance. If we talk about the design then it comes in a plastic cupped shape where a metallic ring is attached at the center.

The sprinkler head has a small pop-up height of only about one inch which means it could not spray the water to a much distance. Thus, this model of orbit sprinklers is suitable for small-sized gardens.

The metallic nozzle is made up of brass which prevents the plastic covering from decaying, thus, making this sprinkler head durable and long-lasting. By changing the nozzle’s angle with the help of adjustment screws, you can change the spraying radius according to the size of your yard.

However, the maximum range of water splashes thrown by this sprinkler is 10-15 feet.

This sprinkler head doesn’t provide 360° coverage but that of 180°. In this way, you can install the sprinkler at the corner of your small garden and let the splashes reach the maximum number of plants.

The thing which I like the most about this affordable sprinkler head is that it’s quite easy to install. The feature which makes it easy to install is the MPT technology for sure.

  • Suitable for small-sized garden
  • MPT technology
  • Durable design
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Even water distribution
  • Extremely affordable
  • Do not provide 360° coverage
  • Smaller range

This orbit plastic sprinkler suits those having a small-sized garden with minimal watering needs. The features you are going to get in this model make this sprinkler head one of the best-priced products on the list.

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Buying guide

Ongoing out to buy the best sprinkler heads for your irrigation system, you’ll come across different sorts of products that may differ in shape, size, range, and, in turn, suitability.

To evaluate which sprinkler head you should install in your yard depends upon your irrigation needs, size of yard, and most importantly, your budget.

Understandably, no one can master all the ins and outs of sprinkler heads in one day but on learning about the types of sprinkler heads, you can figure out the problem to a great extent.
Sprinkler Heads are mainly of three types named; rotating heads, spray heads, and pop-up heads.

The simplest type is the pop-up ones since it suits both the commercial and residential yards. Pop-up sprinklers may vary in height so if your yard is all about grass and flower beds, you better go with the pop-up models that need to stay near the ground.

On the other hand, the taller pop-up sprinklers are for you if you have taller trees and shrubs in your garden.

Spray head throws the water in the form of mist and possesses usually the smaller throw range. That’s why they are good to be installed in residential yards.

On the other hand, you can spray the entire landscape of your small-sized yard by adjusting the spray pattern and changing the coverage angles.

The last type of sprinkler heads in the rotating sprinklers are, mostly, motor-driven. Due to the same reason, they possess the ability to throw water at more distances with great power. That’s why these sprinkler heads are preferred for large-sized residential or commercial yards.


Sprinkler Heads are mainly of three types named rotating, spray, and pop-up sprinklers. Each sprinkler is designed to meet a specific set of needs and budgets.

A sprinkler head is measured by measuring the pop-up part of the device. Since the sprinkler consists of a canister (underground body) and a pop-up region, we don’t include the size of the canister in the measurement.

The most efficient sprinkler heads are the motor-driven ones. The robust motor installed in the device imparts enough power to throw water to a far range in just a few minutes.


We have reviewed almost all the three types of sprinkler heads in this article that will help you to find the best sprinkler head for your yard. All the products we’ve mentioned are high-rated and best selling but the top-three sprinkler heads that we liked the most are

Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler due to its high degree of customization, easy-to-operate adjustment controls, and larger throw range.
Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head due to its durability, high resistance towards debris and leakage, and powerful performance.
Eden 94115 Metal Oscillating Sprinkler due to its full flow control, metallic sturdier body, and high throw range.

Don’t forget that It’s your choice of sprinkler heads upon which your entire irrigation system and the value of landscape depends. Whatever brand you choose to purchase and install, must go through the types of sprinkler heads so you won’t have to replace them over and over again.