Cub Cadet vs Husqvarna Zero Turn | Which is Better?

Purchasing a zero turn mower should be a well thought off decision since, unlike riding mowers, this heavy machine is extremely expensive. In the market for the best zero turn mowers, two brands named Cub cadet and Husqvarna are getting highly popular these days.

Why? Because they tend to add more and more advanced and innovative features to their products which makes the whole mowing process effortless and efficient at the same time. You are not thinking about two zero turn mowers at this time which means you have to choose one of these two brands.

Thus, to help you make a wise decision, here we have drawn a cub cadet vs. Husqvarna zero turn comparison. So just go through this comparison to figure out which brand can meet your needs and budget. But first, let’s go through the key attributes of the zero-turn mowers of both brands to understand why they are considered the best!

Cub Cadet vs Husqvarna Zero Turn – Which is Better?

Cub cadet zero turn mowers


Cub cadet zero turn mowers are quite famous among both commercial and home users since they are built to meet the diverse needs of every client and homeowner. The quality products of cub cadets are built to last and highly resilient against weather extremes and bumpy terrains. However, the best part here is that these products are priced quite reasonably.

In other words, you can get your desired results without getting bankrupt with cub cadet zero turn equipment. Also, due to the lasting sturdiness and durability of these lawnmowers, you can get an amazing resale amount. The cub cadet mowers also come with several accessories to make the whole experience more efficient and enjoyable.

And since these tractors contain ergonomic controls and are comfortable to manoeuvre and ride, you won’t get tired even after a long mowing session. Lastly, the machine is backed by a 2-year warranty. Even once the warranty period gets diminished, you don’t have to spend a heftier amount of maintenance because its replacement components are easily available in both offline and online markets.

Cub cadet zero turn mowers

Husqvarna zero-turn mowers


Like cub cadet, the zero turn lawn mowers of Husqvarna are also quite popular among commercial landscapers and home users since they offered fabulous mowing speeds and unparalleled manoeuvrability. Not only does it offer manoeuvrability and efficiency, but its 180° rotatable mowing head enables you to cut the unnecessary vegetation from a wide area in a few seconds.

At the same time, the precise blades of these zero turn mowers ensure that not even a single grass blade is left untrimmed. To ensure super-smooth rides, the machine contains an ergonomic layout with rubber shock absorbers. These additions let you enjoy the safest ride even on hilly and bumpy terrains.

Speaking of durability then the Husqvarna tractors are leading the world since they come with rock-solid construction that is further backed by the longest lifetime warranties. Last but not least, almost all the Husqvarna zero-turn mowers come with effortless maintenance since all the service points including the hydraulic drive system, oil tank, electric system, and batteries are located within hand reach.

Husqvarna zero-turn mowers

Cub Cadet vs Husqvarna Zero Turn


Speaking of size, then the Husqvarna zero-turn mowers are bigger than cub cadet ones and due to being bigger, they offer wider cutting width. Thus, if you have a large property to mow without suffering too much, you should go with the Husqvarna tractors. Besides wider cutting width, the Husqvarna machine also features stronger blades that can easily cut through the toughest grass from a deserted land in a swipe.

That’s why Husqvarna is the first choice of most commercial landscapers. On the other hand, cub cadet zero turn mowers are slightly smaller in size than Husqvarna so you can’t expect them to meet your large mowing needs. In other words, cub cadet zero turn tractors are better for people having small to medium size lawns to mow.


As stated before, Husqvarna tractors are designed to tackle heavy-duty mowing tasks so if power is your main concern, you should go with the Husqvarna model. The best thing about these powerful pieces of equipment is that they deliver the same performance and power even in hilly areas. On the other hand, cub cadet mowers are good for medium-duty mowing tasks.


If you want a zero turn mower that is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre then cub cadet mowers are your go-to solution. Since the cub cadets develop their tractors by targeting mostly home users, they integrate so many advanced and innovative features into their models to enhance the user experience. Using these features, even a newbie can make these tractors run fabulously.

On the other hand, the Husqvarna heavy-duty mowers are quite rough and tough which require proper knowledge and thorough experience to master. Also, they are mostly heavy so manoeuvring and balancing these monster tractors is not a thing kids or elderly people can do.


Whether you need a zero turn mower for your garden or to work on hefty landscaping projects, safety is the very thing you should consider while shopping around. It doesn’t even matter if you have a lightweight, easy to use tractor, if it lacks safety features, it’s a straight failure. Luckily, both the cub cadet and Husqvarna mowers come with all the essential safety features.

For example, to help you use the mower in low light conditions, both the tractors feature powerful, high penetrating headlights. To ensure the safest and highly controlled ride, both the mowers have responsive brake systems, vibration-free transmission, and multiple speed modes. Also, some models of Husqvarna and cub cadet contain blade disengaging functions

Cub Cadet vs Husqvarna Zero Turn

Husqvarna zero turn mower is better for people who want a heavy-duty zero turn monster mower with super-wide cutting width and powerful engines to tackle hefty landscaping projects.
Cub cadet zero turn mower is better for people who want a lightweight, easy to manoeuvre zero turn mower, with plenty of innovative user-friendly features, for their small to medium-sized yard.