GreenWorks 25022 review (2022)

Corded lawn mowers are the ultimate favourite of homeowners and that’s why they are high in demand. Why so? Simply because they offer unparalleled performance, impressive efficiencies, and so many innovative smart features that when working together, make all kinds of mowing jobs easy-breezy.

The only sad part here is that this description of corded lawn mowers is not true for all the commercially-available models and some of them come out to be nothing more than junk. But luckily, there are still some top-notch brands that deliver what they promise. And in this article, I am going to review a corded lawnmower from one of those brands – Greenworks.

I have used this lawnmower for several weeks and made it pass through several quality tests to check whether this model is maintaining the original legacy of the brand or is just there to steal your hard-earned wages. So, just go through this GreenWorks 25022 review so you can make a wise decision.

GreenWorks 25022 review

GreenWorks 25022 review

About company

This brand was established back in 2007 and throughout this decade of history, the company has a strong track record of manufacturing premium quality products. However, the thing which makes this brand stand out from the crowd is its love for the environment. Yes! The company came up in the field intending to make this planet a more live-able place and for this purpose, it took the initiative itself.

All the products of GreenWorks comprise recycled materials to minimise the waste mass. Also, almost the entire product lineup of this brand features battery-powered and corded gardening appliances. Even the electric tools of GreenWorks are made in a way so they work on minimum energy consumption.

In simple words, the company focuses on delivering superior quality products with high efficiencies, numerous user-friendly features, a wide range of functionalities, and reasonable prices, without increasing carbon footprint. Not only the carbon footprint but the garden tools of this company also works quietly so yes, the company has already become my favourite. Now, let’s go through the specs of its corded mower 25022 to reveal what the manufacturer has in the box for its users.

Key attributes


While unboxing this GreenWorks lawn mower, I was a bit afraid thinking about the hefty assemblies required by most corded mowers but as soon as I plucked the machine out of the box, all of my fears were gone. The machine needs zero assemblies since most of the components have already been put together by the manufacturer. Within the box, you’d find a collection bag that you’d need to attach to the mower before getting started.

There’s no extension cord inside the box which means you’d have to purchase it separately. The handles of this walk-behind corded mower are collapsible so you also have to fold them out and adjust them as per your height and preferences. Once done, all you’d need to get started is to push the start button.

 Build and feel 

The most highlighted aspect of this lawnmower is its feather-light. Yes, you might not feel it is feather-light but on comparing it with other mowers that offer such a huge deck, this product will feel heavenly lighter (weighs only 59 lbs). Even the manufacturer can make this machine even lighter but thankfully, he didn’t do that otherwise, he might have had to compromise on build quality.

By now, I have used tens of corded mowers that fall in the same price range but not even a single one comes with a metallic deck. So, the second thing which impressed me most about this mower is its 20″ wide metal deck. And you can feel the superior build quality as soon as you get your hands on this appliance because the handles of this push mower are also quite solid.


As mentioned before, the deck size of this mower is 20″ which means it’s perfect for small to medium size lawns. The sharp metallic blades of this mower can slice grass blades in a single swipe from a considerable area in no time. Also, this mower features ten 10″ wheels at the rear end which tend to pass through rough terrain quite safely, without wobbling.

At the front side of the machine, small wheels are given so most of the weight and force can be passed towards the rotating blades. Due to this, you don’t have to exert too much force to push the mower forward. I think even an old and semi-disabled lady can easily operate it.

 Power and Performance 

Now come to the main and most crucial point of this lawn mower – power and performance. I found this mower’s performance quite satisfying over dry and smaller grass blades. In wet conditions or while cutting longer grass, the machine bogs a little but still, at that point, the engine doesn’t stop so by applying a little more pressure, I was able to clean the overgrown areas of my yard as well.

The only piece of advice I’d like to give here is that it’s better if you slow down a little while working on tough or longer grass. Also, to make things easier on your back and machine, it’s better to utilise the height adjustment feature and reset the deck height to cut overgrown vegetation.

Another good thing about this mower is that it collects everything it cuts, without leaving behind any mess. I am also pleased with its mulching capabilities that can mulch grass, leaves, and even twigs very neatly.

  • 3-in-1 corded lawn mower
  • 21″ steel deck
  • Adjustable height and collapsible handles
  • Sturdy build and solid feel
  • 10″ wide rear wheels
  • Cut all types of grass
  • Perfect for small to medium-sized yard
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • The cardholder is not so good
  • Not the quietest lawn mower


People who are looking for an affordable combination tool that is easy to use, contains plenty of smart features, offers a solid build and is powerful enough to cut kinds of grass from small to medium size lawns should purchase this GreenWorks 25022 mower.
People who are looking for a heavy-duty lawn mower that offers limitless mobility to tackle commercial landscaping projects and large lawns should not purchase this GreenWorks 25022 mower.