Why are John Deere Mowers So Expensive?

Why are John Deere mowers so expensive? Are they worth your extra dollars or nothing but just another overrated junk? Read the article to know!

John Deere is one of the most remarkable names when it comes to gardening appliance manufacturers. If you have purchased gardening equipment before, you must have heard its name and just like other world-famous brands, its products are extremely expensive.

If you are considering purchasing a garden mower from John Deere, you must gather some information about it such as what are the exceptional features these mowers have to offer or how it is better than the crowd? Is it worth the extra dollars it is asking for or nothing but an overrated piece of junk?

To keep my readers from the hassle of scrolling from one web page to another to know the answers to these questions, I’ve answered them all here, in this article. Read further to know why are John Deere mowers so expensive and should you buy them!

Why are John Deere Mowers So Expensive?

Aquick introduction of John Deere

John Deere has been serving the gardeners’ community for more than fifty years with their super professional and reliable riding mowers. Till now, the brand has launched hundreds of lawn tractors and mowers – specific and general ones, which means you can choose the most suitable and desirable gardening equipment from their vast category.

The mowers of this manufacturer are mainly popular among professional landscapers and horticulturists – to deal with tough gardening chores. The main reason is the monster motor of this machine that is operated by the robust engine. When both these components combine, they give a performance that is unparalleled and sufficient to mow every sort of garden – from the one that requires a little maintenance to the one that demands blood, sweat, and tears.

Aquick introduction of John Deere

Features of John Deere mowers that elevate its price

From engine to blades, and deck to blades, every feature of John Deere mowers is well thought-off and comes with a guarantee to impress you. Here, I’m going to explain some of the features which I found interesting.

 Easy startup system 

Start from the start system of these mowers that features easy-start technology. To turn the unit on, all you need to do is to insert the key into the keyhole and rotate it – just as simple as you turn your car’s engine on. In other words, there is no strenuous cord pulling you have to undergo to ignite the engine.

 Unparalleled performance 

One of the most highlighted aspects of John Deere mowers that elevate its price is its unparalleled engine power. The engines mounted within the unit are developed to deliver superior performance by making the attached motor run swiftly. Some of the John Deere mowers are fast and powerful enough so they can mow about two to three acres of land in only a single hour. You can expect even more from the latest models!

Similarly, a throttle lever is also there that helps you find and set the mowing speed as per your comfort and needs. However, if it’s your very first time using this machine, we’ll advise you not to begin with the highest mowing speed, otherwise, you might lose control and cause harm to yourself, your device, and your garden as well. The best way to know about your ideal mowing speed is to try on the slowest speed and increase it, gradually, until you find the optimum level.

 Impressive deck design 

In addition to the engine, the deck of these professional mowers are kept huge so in a single swipe of the mowing head, you can clean an area of about forty-eight inches. Not only the width, but the deck of John Deere mowers are also a little deeper than others and that’s the feature that makes it more versatile. This deep deck design enables the user to set the deck position at the most desirable point so you can chop the grass to the required length.

 Super sharp blades 

The mowing head features three efficient and fast-rotating blades. These blades are not only high-performing but also sharp enough to slice even the thickest vegetation in a go. Due to this sharpness, you can achieve the most precise cuts. In other words, you won’t face any problem regarding uneven mowing or reluctant performance while riding on the seat of your John Deere mower.


If you are up to mowing a large and difficult-to-mow yard, one of the most important things about which you have to be assured is convenience. Remember that you won’t be able to get off the machine without tackling a huge deal of work. Thus, keeping this factor of comfort at the top positions of your priority list should be a part of your plan for sure.

John Deere mowers are ultimate winners in this respect as well. The seat is well-padded and its height can be adjusted as per your comfort level. To control and set the seat position, gears are added on the handles so you won’t have to bend down, over and over again.

Likewise, to adjust the heights of blades and deck, an intuitive blade engagement system is provided in these mowers. This system is also mounted within the hand range so you can operate it easily, without getting interrupted. Feeling bored or annoyed by the non-stop mowing and wanting to engage yourself in a fun side-activity? If so, then there’s a pocket seat near the seat wherein you can place your phone to watch videos or listen to music.

Feeling thirsty while working for long hours, under the brutal sun? Don’t worry since the manufacturer already has a plan for it. The ergonomic design of this machine contains a bottle holder wherein you can place your energy drink or any other fluid that will keep you perfectly hydrated and fresh.

 Easy to control 

Usually, the commercial-grade (ones that are designed for professional use) requires the user to have great knowledge and experience of operating such sort of devices. The controls and gears usually offered with professional mowers are so tricky that a newbie can’t even dare to understand them.

And that’s the point where John Deere proves itself and grabs the title of the best-seller, again. The controls of John Deere mowers are super-easy to operate. A specific button is provided for a specific action so the user can learn the operations easily. To control and navigate the machine, straightforward and accessible controls are given.

Not only the button and detailed control panel, but the mower also contains gauges to monitor different things at a time. The best thing here is that all the gauges work with the same efficiency and preciseness as the main ones do.

 Safety and maintenance 

Last but not least, almost all the models of John Deere house advanced and innovative safety systems. To enhance the safety of the user and prevent unpleasant mowing, the blades are mounted at the bottom side – away from the edges. In this way, you can easily chop the unwanted grass around trees, shrubs, flowerbeds, and other delicate parts of your garden, without worrying about them being cut mistakenly.

Surprisingly, despite being a high-end, commercial-grade device, it doesn’t need way too costly maintenance services. To keep all the components of this machine running smoothly, you need to lubricate it regularly. However, for doing so, you don’t have to call a mechanic or professional. Instead, you can replace the used oil with the fresh one, in a fraction of a second.

The only problem which some of the users claimed to face is that the size of these John Deere mowers is massive. If you want to have this monster tool in your garden then you also have to arrange a huge space in your garage to store the device. Besides this, almost all the features of these mowers are exceptional which are further backed up by a super-long warranty period.


By now, you’ve known about all the ins and outs of the John Deere mowers. The manufacturer tends to put in all the essentials in a unit to make it stand high from the competitors. Although these John Deere mowers cost way too high, the price you pay will come out to be a lifelong investment and serve you in the long run. To make it last longer, change the bearing, air filters, and oil periodically.

In a nutshell, super-advanced features, high-end performance, user convenience, safety system, speed and deck height adjustment systems, and straightforward controls of the John Deere mowers make them worth every extra penny the company is asking you to pay. Also, the company enjoys the highest ratings when it comes to customer support, level of professionalism, and reliability.

Whether you are a professional horticulturist, working over a virgin piece of land, or a home user that contains a wide yard, at a hilly terrain, with the thickest vegetation, grown all across it, this model will come out to get your ultimate best.